2303 Thodes Brewery Yucatecan Craft Beer by Renée MoralesIn Yucatán, you don’t need to wait for summer to feel the heat and crave an ice-cold beer, or as César Sosa Solis puts it, “stone cold.” César is a master brewer and the creator of Thodes Brewery Craft Beers. You don’t have to be a great connoisseur of craft beers to enjoy them and find your favorite (for me, that’s the joy of variety); so, get to know their products, allow yourself to be surprised, and enjoy.


Now, how would you like to explore a range of beers and find flavors both your palate and nose find familiar and pleasant? Let’s say, bread, honey, passion fruit, caramel, chocolate, some citrus or even hibiscus flower; that is just a small part of what you will actually find in Thodes beers. Another significant part is the passion and commitment that their entire team dedicates to offering you a 100% Yucatecan beer, whose quality has been proven and endorsed by at least eight national awards in Sonora, Tijuana, Guadalajara, and Mexico City.


Medusa, Fenrir, Loki, Valkiria, Ragnar, and Shield Maiden are some of the mythological beings that accompany, give name, and look spectacular on each variety’s label, hand-created by designer and illustrator Iván Escalante. Their variety also reflects the number of beers that have seen the light; each year they produce around 15 special editions, which, if well-received, are re-launched from time to time, or added to their regular line.


A little bit of history

Thodes, the brand name, is also the nickname that his friends call Cesar, a psychologist by profession and a lifelong fan of mythology and fantasy. His vocation to make something he could share with others pushed him to explore cooking, without good results. Later on, he had a very bad experience trying craft beers, as their taste did not correspond to their advertised profile. That, along with their elevated price tag, prompted him to try making his own: a beer on par with national and international brands.


Six years ago, Cesar started researching, buying books, slowly immersing himself in the world of national craft beer, attending events, and approaching judges and sommeliers to continue learning. His motto was well-received: “I don’t want you to tell me that you like my beer; I want you to tell me what’s wrong with it so I can fix it; I want you to share your knowledge so I can improve.” This became the premise behind his creations, which have placed Thodes Brewery on the national scene of craft beers and led to collaborations with other renowned breweries such as Colablanca from Zapopan, Jalisco.


They taste like they smell

You might think that serving, smelling, and tasting is a ritual of wine; fortunately, it’s not! If you drink well-made beer, served in a glass, you can feel the scent, which invites you to take the first sip. “What you are smelling is what you are drinking, and that enhances the flavors,” César tells us. In my opinion, Thodes Brewery excels at both, and here are my favorites:



Medusa. A fruit Gose beer (with lots of unfiltered wheat); fresh, acidic, and slightly pinkish in color due to its raspberry content. It’s light on the palate, which makes it dangerously good. Ideal for those who are more accustomed to wine or champagne.


Fenrir. An explosion of sensations from the moment you serve it until you take the first sip. This refreshing and super aromatic IPA is perfect for those who enjoy tropical fruits like passion fruit. The incredible thing about this beer is that all those sensations persist until the end and even intensify as it warms up.


Loki. A clear and crisp stout with flavors and aromas of roasted coffee and chocolate. It’s a fuller beer that’s perfect for after-dinner drinks. If you come across one, wait until it warms up a bit so you can fully appreciate all that it has to offer.


2303 Thodes Yucatecan Craft Beer by Renée MoralesAs you can see, Thodes Brewery offers a wide variety of beers, including pleasant surprises like Pheldagriff, an American Blonde Ale infused with the bright red color and flavor of hibiscus, which is ideal for cooling off and pairing with ceviche.


If you want to try some of their creations, check out their social media pages. The Thodes Brewery team is always on the move, uncovering new brews, collaborating with others, participating in festivals, and offering their products directly or through select shops, bars, and restaurants, such as Hop3, Garage Cocina Legado, Dzalbay, Hotel CIGNO, and El Cardenal Cantina, to name a few. Cheers!


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By Magali Ramirez D.
Graphic Communicator. Food lover. Inveterate adventurer. Athlete by conviction and extreme out of restlessness. I discover, I get surprised and I learn through the life stories that we all have to tell.


Photography by Renée Morales for use in Yucatán Today.

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