The third Maya prophecy tells us that man’s logic will increase the temperature of the planet and produce climatic and geological imbalances. The lack of synchrony between our behavior and nature will cause huge problems, such as evaporation of water from the land, forest fires, and the destruction of crops.

We have weakened the ozone layer which protects us from the radiation of the sun, we have contaminated the planet with our industrial waste and garbage, and the devastation of natural resources is destroying water sources and the air which we breathe. The climate has changed and the temperatures have increased alarmingly; the glaciers and snowcaps are melting and there are floods in many parts of the world.

Every day there are more volcanic eruptions, the pollution generated by our technology has increased, triggering the creation of clean, renewable energies. Information chaos is a threat, as is the poverty caused by economic chaos, felt in every country of the world. We all feel the effects of war, and we all look for answers and a safe path for the times in which we live.

We recognize, due to the problems we face every day, that we are not living in harmony and we are the cause of these ills which afflict humanity. Several religions create prophecies about what is happening; the Maya knew this was going to happen. That is why they left us some guidances, so that each one of us individually makes a contribution toward bringing humanity to “the dawn of the galaxy”, to the “spiritual awakening”: to a new era in which there will be no more chaos nor destruction, when we learn the true meaning of LOVE.

We should take an interest not only in our well-being, but also in that of others, thereby creating a more just society, living in harmony and with a less consumerist education and culture, more humane and more ecological. We should control our ego, which makes us think we are important and causes us to forget that we are but a miniscule particle in the universe.

The attitude that we take will be crucial to overcome this time of crisis, and this time of crisis is not a worldwide novelty. The Maya left us seven prophecies in which they spoke about their visions of the future, based on the conclusions of their scientific and religious studies about the way the Universe functions.

The Maya stated that their civilization was the fifth one illuminated by the sun, Kinich-Ahau, the great Fifth Solar Cycle, and that before that four other civilizations had existed on the planet which were destroyed by large natural disasters.

For the Maya, in the last cataclysm, civilization was destroyed by a huge flood which left few survivors, of which they were their descendents. They thought that when they knew about the end of those cycles, many human beings were preparing for what they would see, and that thanks to that, they achieved the preservation on the planet of the species which has the ability to reason: man.

By Anabell  Castañeda
[email protected]

Editor’s note: As you can see by the photo accompanying this article, there is hope. It was taken on April 25, 2010, in Mexico DF…a city usually associated with skies full of smog. But with projects such as their Bici-Ruta, and others, positive change can be seen.


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