Mérida Cathedral at night by Arianne OsaldeAmidst the time-worn stones and whispers of the past, legend has it that a labyrinth of mysteries exists beneath the surface of Mérida’s Centro. In this city of colonial charm and buried secrets, the underground passages seem to murmur hidden purposes, as there are many versions that have been told about their past function.


One of the passageways likely extended from the Temple of Our Lady of Consolation (known as the Nuns’ Church or Iglesia de las Monjas) to the Cathedral, similarly connecting to the former convent of La Mejorada, and so forth to various convents and parts of the city.


Discover some tales

Some of the most haunting tales involve abandoned human fetuses, remnants of an ancestral taboo. It is said that the stone walls of these passages may have witnessed scores of nuns forced to make heart-wrenching decisions, leaving behind unwanted children. However, remember that all these stories are legends recounted with too much certainty amidst the excitement of rumors.


Another theory states that the tunnels are attributed to the Maya, who, as masters of architecture and symbolism, wove a maze beneath their pyramids as a reflection of the intricate fabric of their beliefs and practices. It is a fact that beneath the central Plaza Diamante, the stones conceal an underground structure, a silent testament to the Maya’s ability to meld the worlds from above to below into a single reality.


Mérida underground tunnels by Noche de LeyendasThe versions with more credibility suggest that these passageways might have served as escape routes in times of danger: secure spaces to hide from classic high-sea pirates. The concealed small vaults, like gems in the earth, harbored weapons and precious treasures. At the dawn of the Revolution, these corridors became custodians of buried stories and safeguarded riches.


Archaeologist Sergio Grosjean Abimerhi’s pen unravels a different perspective. The notion that the tunnels were a means of excavation for the construction of the original houses and buildings in the ancient Maya city of T’ho adds an earthly dimension to myths and legends. The inhabitants of yesteryears, driven by necessity and creativity, shaped these corridors into a tapestry of utility and meaning.


The voices of those who once wandered through these mazes echoed in the ears of the author, conveying their memories and experiences. Elderly individuals who still enjoy the fresh air outside their homes today crossed stone thresholds in their youth, revealing the reality behind the fantasy, allowing glimpses of truths intertwined with the passages beneath Mérida.


Mérida underground tunnels by Noche de LeyendasIn this city of cobblestone alleys and colonial façades, the underground passageways tell a story beyond what the eye can see. Beneath the city, amidst shadows and stones, mysteries linger, waiting to be uncovered by those willing to listen to the whisper of history.


Ready to explore these mysterious tunnels?

You can delve into the hidden mysteries beneath the cobblestone streets of Mérida’s Centro, thanks to the collective “Noche de Leyendas” (Night of Legends). In a unique and captivating experience, a mobile theatrical production will lead you to discover the secrets kept beneath the city, immersing you in the past. Find them on Facebook as Noche de Leyendas Mérida Yucatán, contact them at 999 129 1502, or send them an email at [email protected].


Mérida’s shadows await to be illuminated by you! 



By Pame Fernández García
Constant creator and storyteller in my mind 24/7, sometimes using multidisciplinary platforms to share the passion for words, imagination, and emotions.



Photography by Noche de Leyendas, and Arianne Osalde for use in Yucatán Today.

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