When it comes to happiness, Le Muuch Hotel aims to spread it starting with its very name. It’s Maya for “the frog,” an animal symbolically linked to this emotion. At the hotel, happiness is shared through the staff’s every gesture and the hospitality that characterizes them. There’s always a smile on their face. You can make it out even with the (annoying but necessary) mask that tries to hide it; look for the raised cheeks and glowing narrowed eyes.


Le Muuch is located in one of our Pueblos Mágicos, Valladolid, which is well known for the warmth of its people. That’s why Le Muuch has “the home of your soul” as their slogan; you’ll be welcomed as if one of their own.


Relax surrounded by nature in an oasis

Are you familiar with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? For me, that’s what Le Muuch evokes, in a Mexican-style, where vibrant nature is intertwined with colorful decorations (many by artisans from the area, as a way of paying homage in every corridor). Truth be told, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the croaking of a little frog hidden in the hotel’s vegetation. 


The hotel has a very Mexican design, with art by the magical hands of local artisans and quotes on the walls. Each room is named after the Pueblo Mágico to which it owes its decoration. Take note: you can request your favorite as long as it’s available. I would book in advance…maybe a week or two? Maybe a month or two? Yeah, it depends on the season. As an additional observation, Le Muuch is a hotel only for adults. 



Upon your arrival, you’ll be welcomed with delicious cocktails, perfect for enjoying the Yucatecan heat. You can spend time cooling down in the comfort of the terrace, your room, or by the pool. Besides being a beautiful place, Le Muuch pampers you a lot.



For meals, you’ll want to try all the delicacies made at K’uxub. A menu with cocktails and signature dishes highlighting the fusion of regional and contemporary flavors awaits you. The menu changes a little every month, as they have different plating. Did you fall in love with one of the dishes? Don’t worry, maybe fortune will smile at you and they’ll add it to the menu. This happened with their Poc Chuc; now you can order it whenever you want!


I should mention that Le Muuch has an orchard 25 minutes away from Valladolid that supplies K’uxub with ingredients. For example, fruits (oranges, lemons, star-fruits, Chayas, among other seasonal stuff). This guarantees daily fresh dishes on their menu. 


For a mouth-watering experience, in addition to the Poc Chuc covered in roasted Chiltomate, onion, cilantro, sausage, and “the mandatory roasted habanero pepper” (in the words of Yareli, Administrative Manager of the hotel). Celeste (Image and Design) chimes in and recommends the Box Cake: black pancakes covered in yogurt with lime essence, Edam cheese, and red berries (a delight, if you ask me). And for Chilaquiles lovers and curious eaters, Gema (Sales) recommends their house version.


If you’re craving cocktails, their Sangre de Mezcal (mezcal blood) is a delight. Don’t let the name worry you; it’s made with red fruits and mezcal, generating a mixture that Gema describes as “between woody and sweet.”



You see, with this level of attention, romantic atmospheres at night, and exquisite dishes in a charming setting, I would understand if you wanted to stay forever. 


Calle 42 #188 x 35 y 33
Col. Candelaria, Valladolid, Yucatán
Tel. 985 856 40 99
IG: @lemuuchhotel
FB: Le Muuch Hotel



Editorial by Olivia Camarena
Yucatecan communicologist. Your favorite Assistant Editor. Writer, blogger, and bookstagrammer in her spare time. She also experiments with TikTok.



Photography by Le Muuch for its use in Yucatán Today.

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