The Tai Spa meridaThe Maya culture has a richness that is matched by its natural beauty, resulting in a major attraction of the Yucatán peninsula. As part of this richness, the state of Yucatán holds many traditions that showcase organic products from the region.

Can you imagine being able to enjoy all the benefits of these products in a different way? Local ingredients are included in a diverse range of services offered by The T’ai Spa, inspired by ancient Maya rituals, to create each one of their treatments.

Today, “flor de mayo” (plumeria) is used by Maya communities to make essential oils and fragrances, among other things. Organic honey is another substance that is a successful industry in the state. Thanks to Yucatán, México has become the sixth producer and third exporter of honey worldwide. In addition to using natural ingredients, The T’ai Spa uses local products. You can enjoy a variety of services that include ingredients like sea salt from Celestún, coconut oil from San Crisanto, and natural mud made with Maya herbs.

For a truly sensory experience, try the “Ritual Corporal Sac-Nicté”, where your body will be wrapped in essences like coconut oil, mud, sea salt, and honey, to give you a sense of instant revitalization.

While you enjoy the natural experience of these services, The T’ai Spa reaffirms its commitment to you, with its welcoming ambience. T’ai Spa is not only an initiative of organic tourism and wellbeing, it is also a firm supporter of local products, in order to provide you with a taste of what our state has to offer.

The T’ai Spa 
Monday to Saturday: 9 am – 8 pm
Calle 4 #138 x 11 y 13, Col. Montecristo
Tel: (999) 944 70 63

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