Pollo Organico Terramaya

Founded by a group of visionary Yucatecan entrepreneurs, Terramaya Orgánica is the first certified organic chicken producer in México. Terramaya’s mission is to produce food in a sustainable manner, in harmony with nature, for those consumers who are health (and flavor!) conscious.

The demand for organic products in Mérida is very similar to the demand worldwide, which has grown annually 12-13% since 2010. Like in other countries, México has a law relating to organic products, since 2014, which regulates the production and commercialization of organic products.

Terramaya Orgánica also achieves a social mission through its creation of jobs for women in rural zones where employment does not exist.

Free-range organic chicken

At its certified organic production farm, located in virgin sub-tropical forest in the southeast part of the state of Yucatán, Terramaya’s free-range chickens spend 12 to 14 hours per day outdoors, grazing without stress and exercising their natural behavior under the care of Maya shepherdesses. Because of the exercise they receive, Terramaya’s chickens have a lower fat content than industrial chicken, and the nutritional value and texture are extraordinary.

Terramaya Orgánica does not use antibiotics nor hormones on their chickens. The birds have a 100% vegetable diet, and the fattening process is not intensive. They grow during their normal 11-12 week cycle.

Yucatán on the global map of organic food producers

Terramaya Orgánica is certified as a producer of organic food by CERTIMEX, internationally accredited agency in the US, Europe, and Japan. Terramaya’s chicken is the only chicken produced and packed in a TIF certified plant (USDA standards), which guarantees the quality of the product.

Terramaya Orgánica’s organic chicken is distributed throughout México and is currently available country-wide at Costco, including its Mérida store, where they conduct tastings of the product on Fridays. It is also available at Soriana Híper.

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