Very near Valladolid, only 8 minutes heading towards Tizimín, the community of Temozón offers tourists a different experience, which unites gastronomy, history, nature, and archaeology.

Temozón (“place of the swirl”) is a community widely known for its smoked meat which is produced in more than 18 shops located on the main street. Also, you can find fine wood furniture from more than 60 carpenters and furniture stores. The majority of these businesses are family-owned and have been running for various decades, conserving and perfecting the ingredients and products made from meat, as well as the techniques and designs for the wooden furniture.

It’s rumored that the origin of the smoked meats in this area began around 1969, but what we do know is that the flavor that comes from the marinade is from secret family recipes that no one will reveal. Also, the method of cooking over charcoal is unique. Every day starting very early, each business buys its meat, mostly pork, and they prepare the meat with the secret ingredients for smoking.

You can eat “poc chuc,” smoked meat, and sausages in the restaurants, or take a kilo “to go” of original or spicy flavors for $200 to $250 pesos. You can also purchase the mouthwatering “longaniza,” delicious chorizo, among other products. If you like meat, you can’t miss this destination. Take note, if you are traveling with a group, you can order a “charola de carnes,” a platter full of a wide selection of meats, which will cost you less than $300 pesos and feeds a family.

The woodwork made famous by local carpenters makes this community special. Here, made-to-order, personalized furniture allows you to design exactly what you need. You can also browse hand-made traditional designs, which are beautifully detailed in the wood.

When you are in the Centro of the pueblo, you’ll be awestruck by the temple “San Antonio de Padua” and also “San Román,” built in the 18th century. Travel 14 km to the north, and find yourself face-to-face with the majestic pyramid in the archaeological site of Ek Balam and the cool cenote, X’canche.

In Ek Balam (“place of the black jaguar”) you can enjoy the archaeological site like a true adventurer. Climb the immense pyramids and explore every corner of the site (entrance fee $193 pesos). Afterwards, you can refresh yourself in the gorgeous cenote X’canché (entrance fee $50). The cenote is located 2 km from the site and you can arrive on foot or in “tricitaxi” (tricycle). This cenote is partially open, and you can take the stairs into the underworld – and the more adventurous can rappel. The cenote also has a center for tourism with bathrooms, dressing rooms, lockers, and other services.

Another new attraction in Temozón is the ecological park of Hubikú, on the 1.5 km marker on the highway Temozón – Tizimín. For a cost of $200 pesos per person, you can access the cenote, enjoy a delicious buffet of regional dishes, and a sampling of tequila in the “Don Tadeo” museum (with more than 10 flavors). Relax in the hammock area and take a tour of the Maya pueblo. Open every day from 9 am to 5 pm, this is an unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to take photos with the monumental letters at the entrance!

What are you waiting for to visit Temozón? Live the experience and leave fascinated with incredible gastronomy and natural beauty.

By Violeta H. Cantrell
Photos by Esdras Castillo and Enrique Alejandro

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