Te27 embotelladosFor Gus, everything started as kind of a game one day, back in 2007. His wife loves teas and infusions; before leaving for work, she used to leave him a green tea in a jar so he could drink it all morning. The weeks started to go by and the taste became boring, so he decided to add something to it. He searched in the fridge and found some lemonade to mix in with his tea, and he loved the result. The morning routine became a fun flavors game: after the lemon he tried pineapple, hibiscus, cranberry, passion fruit, stevia, and “horchata”. After three years the recipes were ready, and in the summer of 2010 Gus and his wife seriously considered the possibility of selling their drinks.

“Suddenly we found out we had a great product”, says Gus. People liked the fresh and natural flavor, and because it was a healthy option, low sugar, in a world of junk food. “Everything started happening in a very natural way, we grew until our kitchen and living room weren’t big enough, so we moved and started the next phase.”

In 2014 they did a radical restart, making té27 a formal company, still small but with a bright and ambitious future. It is still fun for Gus and his wife, but more exciting than ever, because now they know what they want and how to reach it; always respecting the original recipes and the artisanal process that makes them unique.

Today they offer 12 different flavors divided in three sweetening groups: regular sugar, half stevia and half sugar, and 100% stevia.

More information:
Gus Reyes Asid
[email protected]
Calle 60 x 17 348A, Plan de Ayala, Mérida
Monday – Friday 9 am – 2 pm
Facebook: té27
Instagram: te27megusta

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