Takto Katrin Schikora“Takto” means ‘touch’ as well as ‘good taste’. It’s the name of a new art and design brand recently created and registered by Katrin Schikora and George Samuelson, both living in Cholul, just outside Mérida. The aim of this exciting project is to join the creative potential, skill and professional expertise of both accomplished artist-designers to create original, high quality art, design and furniture pieces which will be distributed and sold under one label: TAKTO.

TAKTO products include the existing lines of ceramic lighting devices of Katrin’s well known ‘art and design in ceramics’ studio, as well as designer furniture and custom made metal and wood constructions (many of which are made from found objects) creating unique one-off pieces. TAKTO’s first architectural project on a large scale has just been installed: a 25 m long ceramic celosía covering the beachfront facade of the new Club de Patos Hotel in Sisal.

The TAKTO gallery space has just been remodeled displaying their new lighting collection, as well as Katrin’s exciting work in sculpture. You’ll be able to find many bargains at their new discount section where pieces left over from larger orders are sold at attractive low prices…. Anything purchased at TAKTO can be conveniently shipped for you anywhere in the world!

You can visit TAKTO’s studios and showroom to purchase anything from special gifts to art and decoration pieces for your home, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm. Please make an appointment on cel. 999 995 3769 for personal attention in English. You can consult Katrin’s website for details and directions: www.katrin-schikora.com .

The studio’s and gallery’s address is C. 24 #96 x 15 y Laureles, Cholul, Yuc. Tel. (999) 921 5127


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