While travelling, there’s a strong pull to see as much as we possibly can while running around from point A to point B; and although this can be exhilarating, it can also be pretty exhausting. That’s when life tends to put the brakes on, by gifting an unexpected moment that stops us in our tracks, and makes us breathe in and enjoy the view.


Yucatán is full of impressive landscapes and experiences that stay with you and help you disconnect. Today, we want to share some of our favorite sightseeing opportunities.


There’s no shortage of photo ops during a day of exploration and archaeology. But don’t be surprised if, instead of reaching for your camera, you’re more inclined to just sit and admire nature from the top of the Governor’s Palace in Uxmal, or the Acrópolis in Ek Balam. Listen to the birds sing, let the breeze cool your skin, and feel how the lines between present and past blur all around you. Although many people decide to visit these sites as day trips, don’t miss the chance to spend the night in one of the nearby eco-cabins, and be inspired by starry skies, far away from the light pollution of larger cities.


Peaceful moments and the smell of the salty ocean air make beach days an eternal favorite. Drive down the relaxing coastal highway and stop at the Uaymitún visitor center to check out the mangrove, and if you’re really lucky, flirty flamingos, pelicans, and seagulls. Further east, the new viewpoint at Las Coloradas allows for full appreciation of the contrast between pink salt lakes and blue skies; or continue until you reach El Cuyo, famous for its sunsets overseeing the lagoon. If you’d rather stay close to Mérida, watching the sun go down at the Muelle de Chocolate in Progreso is pure magic.


Mérida also offers refuge for anybody who’s looking to bask in the moment. Paseo de Montejo is unbeatable when it comes to taking an evening stroll, and you’ll find plenty of choices to include all five of your senses in the experience. Spoil yourself with a coconut sherbet from Sorbetería Colón while you feel the balmy evening breeze around you; or if you prefer a nightcap, try an Aperol Spritz at Casa Chica while chatting with a friend about the week’s adventures.


You can also head to the main square, and after admiring the historical buildings and scenes from everyday urban life, take a break in Picheta. From the terrace, you’ll have a scenic view of the San Ildefonso Cathedral while the city unwinds, doves fly back to their nests, and the horizon starts to show hints of lavender and coral-pink.


On your next outing, take it slow, and recharge by enjoying the moment.




Maggie Rosado
Editor of Yucatan Today. Maggie is passionate about tourism, writing, and languages and holds a Master’s degree in Translation.



Photography by Joe Santana for its use in Yucatán Today.


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