Six places that tacos and tortas lovers must visit!


tacos and tortas




One of the most traditional places for taco lovers, Wayan’e has different locations all over the city, but the original is the one in Colonia Itzimná. They all have delicious tacos or tortas (baguette sandwiches) of “castakán,” (pork skin with meat attached) eggs with chile xcatic, “chilibuul,” or a variety of other options, that we are sure you will love. Make sure to arrive early for breakfast, because after a few hours there is nothing left!

Calle 15 x 18-A y 20, Col. Itzimná
Tel. (999) 927 4160
FB: Wayane Mérida




For several years we have been seeing how this taco street stand has grown, still in the same location in the north part of the city, across the Periférico from City Center. Without a doubt it’s the best place to have some “tacos de canasta” (tacos served in a basket) or a variety of tacos and tortas such as machaca (shredded meat), pork cracklings with green sauce, “chilorio,” (pork fried in chile sauce), and much more. Tip: every weekend they prepare barbecue. So now you know where to go for a delicious breakfast!

Calle 7-B #363-A, Col. Santa Gertrudis Copo
Tel. (999) 593 1058
FB: Penichef
8 am to 1 pm



Taquería y Marisquería Tetiz

How does a ceviche torta sound, with octopus, shrimp, squid, and oysters? Inside the famous Barrio de Santiago market you will find Taquería y Marisquería Tetiz. Here you can have the freshest seafood tacos or tortas. Whether you prefer shrimps or octopus, this is the place. Or try the salbutes with your favorite seafood, or some delicious empanadas (fried pastries with fillings).

Inside Mercado de Santiago
Calle 70 x 57, Centro



Tortas Talangos

Delicious, giant tortas of pork, ham, and much more, with their own special combinations of everything with “chorizo” sausage. Prepared on the grill, simply spectacular. Don’t miss the Cuban style torta the way they prepare it at Talangos, or a torta filled with all the ingredients they have. If you are one of the few people who can eat more than one torta, we take our hats off to you!

Calle 19 x 38 y 40 Col. Residencial del Norte Chenkú
Tel. (999) 920 0344
FB: Tortas Talango’s Chenkú
Monday – Wednesday from 7 am – 1 pm
Thursday – Saturday from 7 am -1 pm; 7 pm – 11 am



Carnitas y Antojitos Samys

This place specializes in “carnitas”(pork braised in oil) and Mexican finger food. So be sure you are really hungry when you go! You can choose from a carnitas torta or a “torta ahogada” (torta covered with a mild tomato sauce), “flautas” (deep fried tacos), “sopes” (thick corn base with toppings), and much more. Always served with some delicious and spicy sauces.

Calle 7 #582, Col. Maya
Tel 999 431 0078
FB: Samys Altabrisa
8 am to 5 pm



Mercado 60

At Mercado 60 you will also find some tortas and tacos options.  Tacos at Poncho’s and chel’s and Ki’oo’ch with Yucatecan cuisine.

Calle 60 x 53 y 51, Centro
Tel. (999) 429 5339
FB: Mercado 60
6 pm to 2:30 am




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