“If you want to make the change, start with you. We are México.”


How does this call to action make you feel? Are you already part of the groundswell for change that is becoming so happily evident in our region? Or have you recently arrived here and are still trying to figure out how to play your part? Are you shocked and/or disappointed by the horrendous amount of plastic we humans throw away every single day and by the chemicals big food companies add to so much of what we eat?


You should be.


Mérida, thankfully, has many sustainable slow-food cafés, bakeries, and stores doing their bit to help us to live more healthily and consciously. We can recycle, eat well, learn how to make our own organic zero-waste beauty products, and now, with the recent introduction of Kuxtal Market, we can even do our weekly grocery shopping in a sustainable and fair manner. Kuxtal Market is a proudly and loudly plastic-free online supermarket that works tirelessly to reduce the pollution that’s killing both our civilization and our planet.


Kuxtal works with Mexican producers to supply us, the consumers, with high-quality local products and to provide farmers and producers with a customer base that might not otherwise be easily accessed. Thanks to Kuxtal those of us in Mérida and along the north Yucatán coast (from Chuburná all the way to San Crisanto) can get multiple items delivered right to our homes. Organic brown rice from Campeche, organic kale from Yucatán, cheese from Tizimín, smoked pork from Temozón, and so much more. We can wash with organic soap, use bamboo toothbrushes, and clean our homes (oh joy!) with biodegradable products.


And best of all, none of it comes wrapped in plastic. I should add here, that if you buy meat, you’ll see it comes vacuum packed, complying with local food-packaging laws. Kuxtal has worked hard to find biodegradable vacuum packaging. Even the linen delivery bags are made by a woman in Tizimín.


Delivery is by zone. north Mérida on Tuesdays, south (including Centro) on Fridays, and the coast on Wednesdays. The zoning is a deliberate effort to minimize pollution. It’s possible to pay for a one-off delivery but buying the monthly membership ($199 pesos) includes free delivery, recipes, and access to discounts and offers. The Kuxtal family is always looking to improve their service so if there’s a product you’re looking for, just ask and they’ll go out of their way to find it.


Tel. (999) 322 5500 (service available in both Spanish and English)
[email protected]
www.kuxtalmarket.com (available in both Spanish and English)
FB/IG: @kuxtalmarket




Editorial by Cassie Pearse
Freelance writer and blogger, born in the UK. Cassie has a BA from Oxford University and an MA from SOAS, University of London. She lives in Mérida and loves exploring Yucatán with her family.



Photography by Kuxtal Market for use in Yucatán Today.

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