You shouldn’t be surprised that our environment is in crisis and among the biggest issues is the excess of garbage, particularly of single use plastics. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to think of these problems and their possible solutions; that’s why I was so pleased to hear about Súper Akí’s initiatives from the General Subdirector of the company, Alejandro Joubert.

Mr. Joubert told me that over the past year, they have been looking for ways to change their policies. They began to study the trends of what other companies were doing around the globe so that they could offer solutions which were practical, new, and truly useful in addressing some of the environmental issues which we face as a society.

At Akí, We Love the Planet

The first step they took under their “Akí amamos el planeta” (At Akí, we love the planet) initiative, was the opening of a Caja Verde (Green Checkout) at each of their locations. This checkout can only be used by people who have a reusable or biodegradable bag for their shopping. Currently, the company has taken many other steps, including switching out their regular plastic bags for biodegradable ones. They have also included a variety of environmentally-friendly products such as biodegradable garbage bags, as well as disposable cutlery and plates; and a line of reusable bags which includes the ECO-IRIS bag, a beautiful set of bags with four colored sections so that you can organize your shopping.  All these products are proudly made by Yucatecan hands.

So, what’s next for this Yucatecan company? Mr. Joubert assures me that by the end of the year, they have established the goal of exchanging their plastic produce bags for biodegradable ones. They are also currently searching for an ecological alternative to the polyethylene trays used in the meat and dairy departments of their stores.

I ended my visit at Súper Akí by asking my hosts about what they’ve learned by implementing the “Akí amamos el planeta” initiative, to which they responded: “Sometimes we think that we can’t make a difference on our own, but we can’t forget that our current problems were made by each one of us, and it’s everyone’s job to contribute to the solution.” For the time being, they continue on their mission of being an agent of change so that we can all have a better future. “At Akí, we love the planet, you love it too!”

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By Maggie Rosado
Photography by Súper Akí for use in Yucatán Today

Four tips for a more conscious hopping experience

  1. Plan ahead and make a shopping list with everything you’ll need, that way you’ll avoid waste and you’ll save money.
  2. Bring reusable bags and use less plastic. At Súper Akí, there are many eco-friendly options which will make your shopping experience easier, including the ECO-IRIS bag, which helps you separate your shopping in your cart, they also have reusable fruit and veggie bags.
  3. Choose biodegradable options when possible for products such as garbage bags, cups and disposable cutlery.
  4. Use even less plastic. Bring your own container so that you can take home products from the meat and cheese sections which usually come on a styrofoam tray.

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