Summer is here and the beautiful Yucatecan coast is ready for your visit. It’s the most popular time of the year that everyone waits for all year long, for fun in the sun. This is the season to be with family, friends, as a couple, or you can travel solo and meet new people in every beach town.

The Yucatecan families have a long tradition of spending the summer at the coast, which is why many businesses close in Mérida and move to the main beach towns. The months of July and August are known as “La Temporada” (the season). Some of the businesses that move to the beach are the “antros” (night clubs) and bars that open their tropical locations. You’ll find them in the “Zona de Antros” (night club zone) in Chicxulub Puerto, and some others on the old highway Progreso – Chicxulub.

At this time of the year you’ll notice how life changes at the coast: kids running on the beach, elders relaxing by the peaceful shore or catching up on some gossip, and young people in boats or kite-surfing along the coast. At this time of year, many sports competitions take place, such as the famous sailing race “Copa Cummins.”

A melody that runs through our minds all year long, from elders to kids, from “La Temporada” is the famous “tilin, tilin” of the musical triangle that announces the “barquillero” (wafer maker), who brings the most delicious colorful sweet wafer triangles. You will also hear the shout of “mereeeengueeees” (meringue) that announces the arrival of all the different typical local sweets made of coconut, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, tamarind and much more…delivered to you right on the beach! So if you hear something like this during your travels, you know what it means: craving time!

You can read more about the beach towns that are on the Yucatecan coast, and on pages 34 – 35 on our online magazine  you can see where to eat delicious seafood at the beach. And now that we are on talking about the magazine, remember to check page 6, also on our online magazine, to find everything you need for your beach outfit, so you’ll be ready for your travels along the Yucatecan coast. Have fun!

By Natalia Bejarano Calero

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