To arrive in Valladolid is to put the world on pause. The hands on the clock slow down, people breathe with gusto, and the colors of the sunset saturate sublimely. This very attitude towards life is what Le Muuch portrays: it is simply to be enjoyed.

We drive from Mérida to Hotel Le Muuch on Valladolid’s Calle 42. After a couple hours on the highway, we are greeted by Gema, who proceeds to guide us to our bedroom, coincidentally called “Valladolid.” All rooms are named after a Pueblo Mágico in México and are decorated with handcrafts that were collected by the owners during their travels throughout the country. It is evident upon arrival that each corner has been curated for ultimate relaxation. The kindness is tangible and people smile at each other in the hallways (after clearly getting lots more sleep than they are accustomed to in the city). That’s the Le Muuch effect.

Inside Le Muuch you’ll find K’uxub, a restaurant open to the public, it merges traditional Mexican dishes with new ingredients as a homage to the country’s Pueblos Mágicos. While we scarf down our breakfast the following morning (I had Chilaquiles because I’m a creature of habit, and it was an excellent choice), we talk to Celeste, the hotel’s head of image and design. She tells us that the establishment owns a garden 15 minutes from Valladolid, where they grow seasonal fruit that is used in their menu. K’uxub is open every day from 7:30 am to 10:30 pm.

Hunger was still calling, so we tried the fresh juice of the day and a Torta de Cochinita that left us astounded. With a very unnecessary second cup of coffee in my hand, I listened to Celeste tell us about how Le Muuch (which means “frog” in Maya) is a symbol of happiness and hospitality. “The concept was born from the founders’ desire to design a space that allows people to take a break from urban life,” she said. I took a glance at my surroundings: the pool with hammocks resting on top, and people taking the morning for themselves. I understand exactly what Celeste means.

Le Muuch is a place to enjoy. Each terrace and space is created for you to lay down and breathe, read, or simply indulge in your own company in the complete peace and tranquility of Valladolid. Leave your watch at home and press pause.


Le Muuch Hotel
Calle 42 #188 x 35 y 33
Col. Candelaria, Valladolid, Yucatán
Tel. (985) 856 40 99
Tel. (985) 119 0627
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Editorial by Greta Garrett
Photography by Nora Garrett for use in Yucatán Today

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