Stonewall opened its doors in Mérida in February 2011 based on a need for a professional service of safety deposit box rentals. Strategically designed and located, Stonewall has state-of-the-art installations which comply with the highest international standards of security, privacy, and client attention, with the goal of providing an exclusive and professional service of the storage of belongings and valuables, offering the latest in safety deposit boxes, meeting rooms, and access to general financial services to its clients.

Stonewall offers longer and more comfortable opening hours than banks in Mexico.

Stonewall’s objective is to provide professional, warm service, offering the most advanced technology and security in a distinguished ambience, guaranteeing confidentiality and privacy to each client on every visit.

Stonewall has a vault designed to international storage standards, a vault storage door of the latest generation, and safety deposit boxes made from the highest quality materials. All of the vault and safety box equipment has UL certification (Underwriters Laboratories) and is manufactured by the Mosler company.

Some suggestions of documents and valuables which could be stored in a safety deposit box:

– Cash, stocks, travelers’ checks

– Watches and jewelry

– Coin, stamp, and/or art collections

– Important documents such as passports, records, wills, deeds, etc.

Thanks to the concerns of the partners, Stonewall is looking for ways to expand its concept, with a business concept allowing for growth through the opening of new locations. Therefore, in 2013, they formalized an expansion plan through a highly attractive, transmitable, operable, and therefore franchisable concept, creating the company Stonewall Franquicias (franchises).

Stonewall Safety Deposit Boxes
Calle 18 # 201 x 21,
Col. Mexico Oriente
Tel. 999 926 5225
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]


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