Tough times call for tough measures, but when the time came to analyze the future of SoHo Galleries – true to their style – the team behind it got a little creative instead.

As we all know, the pandemic has severely impacted small shops, and changed how they do business. That’s why, to keep the gallery going and help their artists, they searched for a way to thrive in spite of the coronavirus. As it turns out, the answer was right under their noses…or, rather, covering them!

SoHo, established in 2008 in Mérida’s Centro Histórico, has over the years secured its spot as a trendy destination for art in the city, and as a place for both casual and deep conversations about everything under the sun. So, with the gallery closed, and those activities temporarily suspended, Adele and her team got to thinking, and from those brainstorming sessions came two very distinct ideas.

That’s how #TheNewSoHo was born – a new era for the gallery that brings not only a transformation of their iconic façade, but a whole new way to shop, interact, and live with SoHo, and – most importantly – to quell your appetite for art!

As a result, and to kick things off, they bring…Maskerpieces! “Masks are becoming more than just protective face coverings,” says Adele Aguirre, owner of SoHo Galleries. “Some use them to express their personal fashion statement, while still helping and caring for their community.”

“So why not see them as a canvas for art?”, Adele remarked. “We were thinking about ways we could continue supporting everyone who relies on the gallery for their income, and also wanted to help our artists whose lives have been impacted by COVID.”

“We reached out to our artists, and they were all enthusiastic about the idea. Then, along with our Facebook and Instagram followers, we selected the pieces from the artists’ works.”

For the initial launch of the Maskerpieces line, SoHo includes six works of art by Mexican artists Juan Carlos Breceda, JAAR, Arjelia Rojas, Cuban artist Ihovany Abreu, and Yucatán’s very own Mohamed Ledesma.

Aside from the art, the masks are technologically advanced, and offer triple layer protection with an extra compartment for filters. The outer layer is made with gabardine cotton and the inner layer has a softer cotton for comfort. Masks are washable with a fit that contours to your face.

To further help the local economy, in an effort to impact as many families as possible, the masks are printed here in Mérida Yucatán, with ecological inks and sewn by local hands.

The Maskerpieces range from $400 pesos ($18 USD) to $320 pesos ($14.50 USD); they can be delivered in Mérida, shipped nationally and internationally, or can be picked up at the gallery (please call ahead).

To quote Yesenia Lope, Director of SoHo Galleries, “The masks not only are a way to support local art but are good conversation starters. If you opt to pick up your masks, you can take in the artists’ works that are on exhibition. The gallery, once it reopens in early September, will operate under the highest health security measures, and will observe all the state’s reopening protocols.”

SoHo Galleries has been supporting local and regional artists for over a decade, and this new effort seems to be paying off. “So far, the response has been great! Our artists are excited about helping slow the spread of COVID while displaying their works.”    

To see the mask designs and place an order,

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