Hacienda Xcanatun spa rosasSpa menu. Pampering. Healing. Facials. Manicures. Pedicures. Stress relief. Energy alignment. What wonderful concepts! The good news is they are not just concepts, they are concrete happenings here in the land of the Maya. To these peaceful concepts add honey, chocolate, cocoa, cenote water and a definite Maya influence, and you end up with what is being offered at several of the haciendas and hotels in Yucatán.

For years, spas were places available mostly to the wealthy and visited mostly by women doing week long stints to lose weight, re-energize, de-tox or to just get away. They were known for being expensive and exclusive. While these wonderful spaces are still available, there is now a new concept in spas – the day spa. And guess what – we have some pretty incredible spas that you will surely want to experience while you are here in Yucatán.

What better way to pamper yourself while on vacation than to visit a day spa? Schlepping luggage, climbing pyramids, walking more than usual and doing this all in the heat of Yucatán can all add up to unhappy vacationers. Check out our list of spas below by visiting their web pages, check their menus and prices, and make an appointment.

Yucatán is a major world producer of honey and cocoa. What is more, the Maya discovered chocolate! So, right here we have two key ingredients that are used for massage, body wraps and facials. Hacienda Chichen visita10

Many of the massage therapists that you will meet at the local spas are the children and grandchildren of Maya X-men who grew up seeing these spiritual people using the different herbs, honeys, leaves, tropical fruits, flowers, and heat in their healings that they have now incorporated into their techniques and rituals.

Check the menus – there are all kinds of options including rituals for couples, brides, and anyone who desires a pampering, relaxing session. Times vary from one hour to three and a half depending on what you choose. Give yourself or loved one a treat! You will be so glad you did. All these pampering treatments are available to the public or to hotel guests.

Bienestar Educación y Consciencia Sophie Leon
Cel. 9994 42 98 85
FB: Bienestar Educación y Consciencia Sophie León
IG: sophieleonbienestar

Boho Spa Norte
Calle 33 #343 x 36-C y 36-E
Col. San Ramón Norte
Tel. (999) 941 6029

Boho Spa Centro
Calle 57 x 62 y 64
Tel. (999) 429 4685

Hacienda Xcanatún Spa
Km. 12 Carretera Mérida-Progreso,
 Mérida, Yucatán.
Toll free in México: 1-800-202-2566
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.xcanatun.com

Casa Carmita
Calle 53 #515-A x 62 y 64, Centro
Tel. (999) 923 0323

Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel & Spa
Paseo de Montejo x Calle 41
Merida, Yuc.

The Tai Spa
Calle 4 (Avenida Shután Medina) #138 x 11 y 13
Fracc. Montecristo,
 Mérida, Yucatán.
Tel: (999) 944 5063
Web: www.thetaispa.mx

Yaxkin Spa
Hacienda Chichén Resort, Chichén Itzá, Yucatán.
Tel: (999) 920 8407
Web:  www.yaxkinspa.com


UK Reflexology
Tel. 999 999 254 0083
Cel. 9993 65 03 47



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