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Candles… rose petals… soft music… chocolate… mint… just thinking about these ordinary items is a sensory experience. And if you actually encounter them, all five of your senses will be awakened and stimulated. The spa at Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel offers personalized and holistic spa experiences including massage as well as rituals. Couples’ treatments are especially popular; they outnumber single clients 2 to 1!

The philosophy at the Spa at Rosas & Xocolate is: “simplicity” and “details”. Your spa experience won’t overwhelm you with choices or information; and yet the event itself will be a gradual layering of subtle details which will weave together a rich, fulfilling, and satisfying experience.

You will choose the massage or ritual from the Spa’s menu; but once the treatment begins, no two experiences are alike. The therapists have been trained to observe and listen to the guests, in order to sense what their needs are and to provide a personalized spa experience that fulfills the guest’s often non-verbal requirements. Below you can read about the ROSAS & XOCOLATE EXFOLIATION PLUS HOLISTIC RELAXING MASSAGE WITH A CUSTOMIZED AROMATHERAPY UPGRADE.

Ayurveda treatments (from the system of traditional medicine native to India) go one step further, and include a psycho-physiological questionnaire.

The therapists at the Spa at Rosas & Xocolate are an integral part of the spa experience. They not only transmit the treatments, but share their effects, experiencing some of what the guest experiences. They connect with the guest at many different levels. Each guest is greeted with the Maya phrase “In Lak’ech” which means “I am your other you.”

The menu includes: the Massage Collection, including Invigorating Maya Foot & Leg Massage, Holistic Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology, and more; the Ayurvedic Massage Collection with four to choose from;  the Facials Collection, including facials for all skin types plus an Ayurvedic facial; the Signature Treatments Collection, including wraps and a Maya Foot Ritual; the Hands & Feet Collection of manicures and pedicures; and the Waxing Collection.

Gift certificates are available, as well as hotel+spa+restaurant packages.

Every spa appointment is a personalized experience with gentle professionals who will make you feel as if you are the most important guest they have ever had.


The flower-and-candle-filled treatment room is calm, with an adjacent shower and dressing room. My massage therapist, Edith, invited me to leave my clothing in the dressing room in preparation for the massage, where there are disposable slippers and undergarments. She left the room, and instructed me to wait for her on the massage table, face up, underneath the softest, silkiest sheet I have ever felt in my life! When I was ready for her, I sounded a tiny gong, and she explained that the first step of my massage would be an exfoliation of my arms, legs, back, neck, shoulders, and abdomen. The exfoliation ingredients were a combination of salt, cardamom, rosemary, and of course rose petals and chocolate. While she was rubbing this on my skin, I could feel the dead skin cells coming off and looked forward to the shower to see how soft my skin would feel.

Once Edith had finished the exfoliation, I got my wish…and entered the dressing room to have a shower and rinse off. My skin felt like a newborn baby! It is the first time in my life I have had a full body exfoliation. What an incredible treat, especially in this hot climate. Carmelina, the spa manager, later told me that some of her regular clients have it done every week! I can see why.

Once I returned to the massage table, Edith began my full body massage. She asked me if I preferred a light, medium, or strong massage technique, and I opted for medium, which was just right. She used chocolate oil and lavender, which was so lovely to inhale while she worked. She spent time on all the major muscle groups.

The combination of senses—touch, smell, and hearing—made this exfoliation and massage experience unforgettable, and it is something which could easily become addictive! There was no sense of urgency, I truly felt like I was the most important client they ever had. This is a wonderful way to spend two hours of your day.

August 2012 update: SPAWARDS recently announced that Rosas & Xocolate spa was selected as a winner for Mexico’s Top 50 Spas award category. As a result of their innovative approach to business and their commitment to guest satisfaction, they were placed ahead of the rest. As a spAWARDS winner, they are proud to use the “Best-of-the-Best for 2012” title.

Rosas & Xocolate

Paseo Montejo x Calle 41
Tel 924 2992


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