Sotuta de Peón facade by Sara AlbaYucatán is renowned, among many other things, for its hundreds of haciendas: monumental remnants of a time of great wealth, when Henequén (otherwise known as sisal) production was the backbone of Yucatán’s economy. And while this historical period is taught in local schools, it’s quite a challenge to grasp the significance of the “green gold” for Yucatán’s prosperity, especially if your own education didn’t include History of Yucatán.


And while books are a great source of information, there are things in life that we can only fully understand when we experience them firsthand. Lucky for us, there is a fascinating hacienda that offers us the opportunity to get up close and personal with the living history and production process of this coveted plant during its heyday. Are you ready to embark on a journey back in time to 19th-century Yucatán?


A working hacienda

Just 45 minutes away from Mérida, located in the municipality of Tecoh, Sotuta de Peón stands out among the restored haciendas in the state for being the only one that continues to work with henequén, serving as a living testimony to the traditional practices that were employed in these lands for a hundred years.



Upon arrival at the hacienda, you will be greeted by vast facilities surrounded by lush vegetation that seems to stretch as far as the eye can see, along with a set of formidable structures that are sure to pique your interest. Not to mention the presence of beautiful horses, quad bikes, and rails that wind along the broad path, offering a promise of adventure and surprises to come.


In addition to visiting the majestic main house, where period furniture is exhibited, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the different henequén production stations, both in the artisanal process and with the use of machinery. You can witness up close how this precious fiber is extracted, and if you’re lucky, you might even end up with a piece of rope as a souvenir.



A huge range of options

 Sotuta de Peón horses by Daniel DuránThe magic of Sotuta de Peón lies in the range of activities it offers to cater to all interests. Would you like to learn about Henequén and see how it transforms before your own eyes? The hacienda has charismatic guides who are perfectly trained to share their knowledge in Spanish, English, and even French. An extreme adventure is more up your speed? The quad bike tour (by day or night) with a visit to two rustic cenotes is perfect for you. Does your body long for a refreshing swim, but easily accessible cenotes are better suited for you? The trucks will take you to the Dzul Ha cenote. Prefer something more tranquil? The horseback riding tour promises to provide the peace you seek.


As you can see, the options are endless, and the hacienda ensures that each visitor enjoys a fully personalized experience according to their tastes and preferences (all under prior reservation). Finish your adventure at their exquisite restaurant, which offers signature Yucatecan dishes along with a delicious vegetarian menu. If a day of adventure was not enough for you and your companions, the accommodation in modern private cabins is perfect to continue the fun.



Sotuta de Peón has become a treasure of the past, keeping the henequén tradition alive in Yucatán. Through their dedication to sharing the state’s history and culture, this hacienda is the perfect destination to discover the green gold’s legacy. Whether you are visiting us, or you want to learn more about Yucatán, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Sotuta de Peón.


Municipio de Tecoh, 97822, Yucatán 
Tel. 999 941 6431
Tel. 999 941 6441
WhatsApp: 999 175 9923
[email protected] 
IG: @haciendasotutadepeon
FB: Hacienda Sotuta de Peon
Mon. – Sun. 9 am – 5 pm


Basic adult pass, $850 pesos; basic child pass, $499 pesos; adult plus pass, $1,105 pesos; child plus pass, $585 pesos; INAPAM basic pass, $425 pesos; INAPAM plus pass, $820 pesos; half tour basic adult pass, $525 pesos; half tour basic child pass, $340 pesos; half tour adult plus pass, $780 pesos; and half tour child plus pass, $430 pesos.


Basic adult and child pass, $1,265 pesos; plus adult and child pass, $1,520 pesos.


Access for two adults and two minors at no additional cost, with a four-course meal menu (for 2 people).
From 10 am to 6 pm
$1,950 pesos, with prior reservation.



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Photography by Daniel Durán, and Sara Alba for its use in Yucatán Today.

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