Those who already know SoHo Galleries, know it for largely figurative works. Whether you know the gallery or it’s new to you, prepare yourself for a treat; and something of a change: SoHo is introducing a new body of work by four international artists. This Collective Experience exhibition will feature the distinct styles of Hericko Delfin (México; burnt ink media abstracts); Mérida’s very own (by way of Italy) Antonella Pozzo Ardizzi (reverse painting acrylic on acetate abstracts); Ihovany Abreau (Cuba; mixed media surrealism); and Jorge Aguilar (México; mixed media “art brut”).

For this exhibition, Hericko Delfin, a Mexican artist from Veracruz whose career spans over 20 years, has created a body of work with a new technique he calls BURNT INK®. Hericko developed this technique through the use of ink, catalysts, and hot air. His current works also include assembled parts, combining ink and gold leaf.

Antonella Pozzo Ardizzi is a multi-media artist from Milan. The current collection represents a departure from her previous figurative and practical work. In this exhibition she utilizes a “reverse painting” technique to create purely abstract worlds rich with intricate detail and vibrant color.

Jorge Alberto Aguilar Rojas (JAAR), a young México City artist, is part of the “art brut” movement. His works are displayed in galleries in Miami and México. JAAR, only 29 years old, recently exhibited in Miami’s Art Basel along with galleries from around the world. His works consist of large mixed media, contemporary with a mix of abstract and figurative. His textural brush strokes represent his unique style and interpretation of this world.

Ihovany Abreau, a young Cuban artist, recently won two first prizes in the Salon Provincial Martiano and in the International of Plastic Arts Cuba-Asturias. His work deals with the impairment of men in captivity and love as the highest expression of human beings. Ihovany is also well known for his lifelike, animated, and haunting portraits. This exhibition will include a portrait of SoHo Galleries’ administrator, Yesenia Lope, he recently completed. It is a must see.

Come and meet the artists! Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served at the opening of the exhibition on Saturday, October 29 from 7 pm to 10 pm. Exhibit will run through November 15th.

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