Staying true to their artists without borders philosophy, SoHo Galleries showcases the works of painters from México City, Guadalajara, Sinaloa, Estado de México, Cuba, and Canada.

The Art

With an oeuvre that primarily includes paintings, but also comprises some sculptures, you can find the strength of colors and geometric forms in the work of Juan Carlos Breceda (Sinaloa). This artist reflects on the warmth of the Mexican people taking women as his main theme as well as animals from a world that some could describe as magical.

Erick Fernández Gracida (Guadalajara) shows shapes and human bodies with an abstract touch using oil on canvas; while Alejandro Flores Horta (CDMX) shows his talent with enamel on metal. Also from Guadalajara, Argelia Rojas shares her rich, colorful paintings while the experimental work in stone of Jesús Peraza Menéndez (Mérida) will inspire you.

All the way from Cuba, Ihovany Abreu captures the female form in his paintings and Hericko Delfín (Coatzacoalcos) experiments with techniques of his own invention. One of the gallery’s favorites, JAAR (CDMX), has consistently been updating his pieces for the past nine years. These are only some of the artists that SoHo brings for you.

For Home

To offer visitors even more options to take art home, they have opened The Art Shop at SoHo on the second floor, where you can shop for unique pieces at an affordable price. Here, you can find the functional art of Patricia Toribio’s leather bound notebooks, small works by Víctor Velázquez and Jo Lomas, as well as fine pieces of jewelry by Ana Joa and Endiko Joyería.

From hand-painted fans, wine boxes, coasters made with enamel-coated metals, to sculptures and accessories that were designed especially for retail at SoHo, it’s a must-visit spot if you’re looking to take home something unique.

SoHo Galleries has also managed to take art to many other places by placing the works of several artists in places such as El Palacito Secreto, Pan & Kof.feé, and to events held at venues such as the Palacio de la Música and Treehouse Boutique Hotel.

NoHo Casa del Arte (Calle 60-A #477-A x 27 y 29, Col. Alcalá Martin) is another project by SoHo which is available for events.

SoHo Galleries always has new art-filled surprises. Check them out!

Calle 60 #400 x 41 y 43, Centro, Mérida
Tel: (999) 928 5710
FB: SOHO Galleries
Mon. – Fri. 10 am – 5 pm, Sat. 10 am – 2 pm

Editorial by Violeta H. Cantarell
Photography by Violeta H. Cantarel for its use in Yucatán Today

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