If there is one thing that characterizes Soho Galleries, it is its vocation for originality, novelty, diversity and reflection that awakens with each of the pieces that you find in its rooms. Best of all, you can acquire them yourself and own a unique work of art.

A visit to this cultural space immediately allows you to feel the passion for art that its creator Adele Aguirre has managed to convey in the selection of works of emerging and recognized Yucatecan, Mexican and international artists whose works you can find there.

Don’t miss the new series, “Machines of Light”, by renowned painter Hericko Delfín, who has become an increasingly mature and original artist. Also look for recent works from the exhibition “Mexico-Canada: Art as a Cultural Bridge,” including: from Mexico City Hortensia Bueno with a sample of the power of color and symbolism; David Roy Ocotla and René Rabadán Nishimura with paintings of mixed media; from Canada, the artist Jo Lomas with very unique figures wearing the Yucatecan guayabera, and the series “Visions” by Kreso Cavlovic. The latter astonishes viewers with his paintings that represent a woman with her eyes closed in a state of meditation and with open eyes appreciating the world for the first time.

Another favorite of the gallery for its quality and versatility is the work of Jorge Alberto Aguilar Rojas, JAAR, who on this occasion presents an installation, “Dimensions”, as well as handbags with original prints: ideal as a souvenir or as a gift, also for sale.

Soho is an experience that has become a brand that goes beyond the space of the gallery, transcending diverse cultural events that interweave the concept of art with other artistic disciplines such as dance and music, and even with fashion and decoration. Adele explains: “I am taking a step forward with the Soho brand, mixing art with design, with fashion, food, and decoration. We have the talent of artists to create unique pieces, in clothes, decorative pots, and much more. We will continue innovating this year.”

What’s coming for 2018

For February, Soho Galleries is preparing, in conjunction with the civil association Yucatan Giving Outreach, a very special event: “Art with a Heart,” as part of the sponsorship dedicated to the art program for children that is implemented in CAIMEDE. The event will be held in the gallery and promises many surprises for attendees, having as a main concept the hearts and the act of giving and sharing.

Adele also works hard to bring the work of Yucatecan artists to new spaces abroad, promoting Mexican talent in New York, among other places.

Noho – Casa del Arte

In addition to the gallery, there is Noho – Casa del Arte (Calle 60 # 477 x 27, Col. Alcalá Martín), an alternative and relaxed space that serves as a meeting point for art lovers in a remodeled old, elegant house a few steps from the US Consulate. It is a place for short exhibitions and special events; in March there will be a day that will bring art and fashion together with Soho Galleries and the proposals of two prominent Yucatecan designers, Aldrin Ayuso and Kika Rodríguez. More information about renting Noho at [email protected]

Kandisky says, “The artist is the hand that, through a certain key, vibrates the human soul,” a phrase that applies to the works you find in Soho Galleries, pieces that move you; but it also applies to each of the creative lines that Soho as a brand is constantly generating. A must-see place to visit in 2018.

Soho Galleries
Calle 60 #400-A x 43 y 41, Centro
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By Violeta H. Cantarell

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