Since its beginning ten years ago, Soho Galleries has been an icon of contemporary art in Merida, and today they proudly celebrate a decade of passion for art in our beautiful “Ciudad Blanca.”

We’d like to share the history of Soho and how it became what it is today: one of the most important art galleries in Mérida. We met with Adele Aguirre, owner of the gallery, and she told us the Soho Galleries story.

It all started with her search for a Spanish speaking country. Adele traveled to Yucatán from her native New York, and after enjoying the beaches of the region, the city of Mérida, and having witnessed the friendliness of its people and the beauty of the place, she decided to settle right here in the capital of the state. Later, she discovered a magnificent building on Calle 60, where she could picture what her own gallery would look like, in a place where her passion for art could have a home in her adoptive homeland. That’s how Adele, an art collector, decided this was the right place to create Soho Galleries.

Ten years later, Soho still stands on Calle 60, exhibiting magnificent works of art and of course magnificent artists. On February 23rd there will be a celebration at the gallery with many artists present, delicious food, and live music.

Over time, the gallery was able to earn the popularity that still characterizes it today. The selection of contemporary art and new artists from all around the world, are what has made it a space out of the ordinary, with vibrant and energetic pieces that have managed to charm the local public.

In addition to the great selection of works and artists, Adele tells us there are other causes that have been a factor in the growth of the gallery throughout its ten magnificent years. The increase of the population and the growth of the city, are important factors; this constant change increases the chances of finding a market that demands works of art. There are more and more people coming to Mérida and deciding to decorate their houses with excellent pieces by renowned artists.

Added to this, the passion of those who work at the gallery has meant that over these ten years, Soho has grown and evolved along with its clients, along with its artists, and along with the city that has welcomed it, with all the support Latinos are known for. Along the way, Soho has planted firm roots in a city that has welcomed it with open arms since the very beginning.

With ten years gone by, Soho Galleries only looks forward, and has exciting plans, where fashion, food, and meditation are on the horizon. Adele is grateful for all the people who have supported her project since the beginning and throughout the years, and, above all, she thanks those who have kept motivating her to continue expanding her artistic borders. But most of all, Adele invites us to enjoy the art that surrounds us, that without a doubt we can find in every aspect of our lives. Celebrate Soho Galleries’ tenth anniversary visiting the incredible works of art on display.

Editorial by Claudia Améndola
Art Photography by Soho Galleries

Soho Galleries
Calle 60 #400-A x 41 y 43, Centro
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Facebook: SOHO Galleries

Information about the celebration in February: [email protected], Facebook: SOHO Galleries

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