One of the first signs that the world is beginning to get back on track is when we look again to the healing power that resides in art. Although at SoHo Galleries we never stopped our creative impulse, as we entered the second year of a pandemic that transformed our idea of what it means to be human, we sat down to analyze – as a team – what place we would have in a post-pandemic Yucatecan society.


That’s why, after one of the most challenging times for both SoHo and the community, we decided to continue the most important feature of a gallery like ours: events. That’s where we fuse the love we have for Mérida with the support of our family of artists, through the presentation of their most recent material.


This is how Mérida Art Week was born. It began on April 14 and comprised a five-day experience full of unforgettable moments that could be enjoyed both online and in-person, with limited seating. During this time, more than 10 events were hosted by Paulina Mérigo, Sebastián Dávila, Stephanie Carmon, and Alberto Arceo.



“Mérida Art Week is meant to promote art and collaboration. We’re bringing back some of our favorite names from our family of artists, as well as fresh ideas from abroad, each with their own distinctive style and meaningful message,” noted Adele Aguirre, founder of SoHo. “We’ve also partnered with Mérida English Library (MEL) to support their mission of spreading culture and joy, by sharing some of the proceeds from the week’s sales.”


Art Week featured new work from artists such as María Santamaría (Spain), Mohamed Ledesma (Quintana Roo), Jesús Peraza Menéndez (México), Hericko Delfín (Veracruz) and Ihovany Abreu (Cuba). MEL and SoHo agree that strengthening the community is their clearest mission and passion; something they have missed doing over the past year.


To allow the public continued access to the exhibition, the works will remain in the gallery – and on sale – until the end of June; drop-ins are welcome! Additionally, you can go to SoHo’s website, view the pieces, and even use their new ArtPlacer platform to preview how they will look in your home or office.


The new normal led us to digitize ourselves and brought us even closer to our public, but events like Art Week remind us that the best human connection is the one made person-to-person through art.


Editorial by Carlos A. Rubi Molina / SoHo Galleries



Photography by SoHo Galleries for use in Yucatán Today.

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