This weekly market (Saturdays) is an initiative of the members of Slow Food Yucatán, the local branch of an international movement which promotes local production of food, preservation of regional culinary traditions and healthy eating. The location of the market is at Café Orgánico, Centro Comercial Colón, Calle 33-D x Ave. Reforma, x Colón y Cupules.

Some of the items to be found at the market: Tofu and fresh soy milk, quail and eggs, farm chicken and eggs, local fruits and vegetables (some organic)… and more.

Yury sells chimichurri sauce, homemade and delicious, and also vegetarian chili. She has milk and cheese based sauces, with herbs and nuts… delicious.

Roberto has organic honey, without chemicals or preservatives.

Grupo Marañao has cashews, with various flavors… salt and lime, habanero, garlic and spices, and more. They also have sugar-free nut butters… natural or with chocolate.

If you are a fan of granola, try Susan’s which has “everything”… cranberry, coconut, nuts,sesame and sunflower seeds, wheat germ, oats, wheat bran, and more… sweetened with a touch of honey.

Soña sells homemade jams and chutneys, and also 7-seed rye bread and rye bread with nuts. Her chicken and rabbit patés are very popular too.

Aliza has sweet homemade pickles, made with crunchy cukes… and she also sells dill weed and mustard.

Los Dos Cooking School sells peanut butter: natural, crunchy, or with chocolate. They also have certified organic honey, made from Dzidzilché and Tajonal flowers.

Doña Elsa sells organic fruits and vegetbles, as well as Yucatecan recados (spicy cooking pastes).

Monique Duval is proprietress of a fabulous “whole foods”-type bakery and café, that is so much more! She also prepares all of her own cultures for sourdough breads, kefir and yogurt; her marvelous organic garden produces arugula, lemongrass and more goodies for tasty creations like homemade pizzas; and she has also already had a fantastic “Slow Food”-type activity on her own, teaching school kids where bread comes from, starting with growing their own wheat! Monique’s Bakery and Café, and Flow Holistic Center, are located at Calle 79 No. 191A x 36 y 38, Montes de Ame, behind Gran Plaza.  Tel. 195-6389. Open Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat 8 am – 4 pm. Her breads are also available at the Slow Food Market on Saturdays.

And for those who want to grow better flowers, plants or trees… Lu’um sells organic fertilizer, “humus de Lombriz”.

The market is every Saturday from 9 am – 1 pm (see map in Related Gallery).



Mercado Fresco de Slow Food Yucatan empieza el 12 de febrero, 2010.

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