The sixth Maya prophecy tells us that in the next few years a comet will appear whose trajectory will put the existence of man in danger.

The Maya saw comets as agents of change which caused the existing equilibrium to move, causing certain structures to transform themselves, in turn permitting the evolution of collective conscience.

All things have their own place which belongs to them in all circumstances. Even the most adverse events can generate understanding about life and to develop conscience about creation. That is why man is constantly confronting unexpected situations which generate suffering; it is a way of ensuring that man reflects on his relationship with the world and with others. That way, after many lifetimes, he will understand the universal laws about the reasons for creation.

For the Maya, history, as well as human transformation, governs the laws of cosmic timelessness. So if time is a cyclic movement, the events of man return as do the cycles of nature.

The Maya prophecies’ goal is to warn man about what will happen, based on what has already happened. The past is before us and the future already happened, so we can predict the future “Tza‘ ani”. The word translates to “future”, but literally means “what is behind.”

Recent information tells of an enormous asteroid which has been discovered in space, whose trajectory could cross earth’s path in the coming years. Comets have always formed a part of the solar system. Thousands of pieces of residue dare to cross, skim, come and go from time to time, and even crash into planets which are peacefully moving along their regular orbits around the sun.

The Mays knew that for modern man to discover in advance an asteroid large enough to cause our extinction and manage to shift its path out of our danger, would be a critical feat that would unite us as a species.

By: Anabell Castañeda
Email: [email protected]


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