Sidecar adventures logoA Swede and a Mexican walk in to a Girl Scout meeting in Shanghai, China. The Swede says to the Mexican, “How’d you like to take a ride in my sidecar?” Voilà!  Two motorcycles later and half a world away from Shanghai, Mérida’s Sidecar Adventures is born!

Girl Scout story aside (perhaps for another day), Sidecar Adventures is the brainchild of co-owners Fredrik Andersson and Laura Gómez. They started the sidecar motorcycle touring business in Mérida earlier this year with two attention-grabbing, vintage-style, Royal Enfield motorcycles (including rocket-shaped sidecars, of course).

Andersson has ridden motorcycles for years, but it was in Shanghai that he realized how great they are for city touring. Says Andersson, “I love exploring, but usually the most interesting places aren’t easy to get to by car, and walking is too slow. Sidecar bikes are ideal for small groups to see some truly amazing things in a relatively short period of time. Plus, they look super cool!”

While Andersson is the veteran tour guide, it is Gómez who provides an insider’s knowledge and a life-long love of Mérida and Yucatán.  “Mérida is full of amazing things to see,” says Gómez. “Not only does it have one of the best food cultures in México, but it’s at the top of the list for both Colonial and Maya cultural heritage and architecture.  The area also claims the greatest concentration of cenotes and archaeological sites in México. The quality and number of things to see is just mind-blowing.  We design our tours to take advantage of that.”

As a team, Andersson and Gómez offer a truly unique Yucatán experience that gives riders a different perspective of touring. Says Gómez, “I was born and grew up in Campeche, and have lived in Mérida and the surrounding region before.  But even for someone who knows the area, seeing it from a sidecar is totally freeing – a real thrill ride!”

Tours range from the 1-hour “Historic Downtown” to the day-long “Mérida and Outskirts with Hacienda” tour…“my personal favorite,” says Gómez.  Sidecar Adventures also offers customized tours. “If you want to see something, just ask,” adds Andersson. “I’ll make sure you’re never bored on a Sidecar Adventure!”

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