Rio Lagartos atardecerThe seventh Maya prophecy speaks of the moment in which the solar system, as part of its cycle, leaves the night and enters the dawn of the galaxy, by means of the ray emitted by Hunab-ku, thereby activating the genetic code of mankind who are on a high frequency.

This sense would amplify the conscience of all mankind, generating a new individual, collective and universal reality. One of the largest transformations will occur at the planetary level, for all mankind is connected as if they were one being, giving birth to a new “being” in the galactic order.

The reintegration of the individual consciences of millions of human beings will awaken a new conscience in which everyone will learn that they are part of the same giant organism.

The capacity to read thought will totally revolutionize civilization over the face of the earth, for all special interests will disappear, and lies will end forever, for no one will be able to hide anything. A new era of transparency and light will begin, which cannot be hidden by any violence or negative emotion. Laws and external controls such as the police and the military will disappear, for each human being will be responsible for his actions and there will be no need to implement any right or responsibility by force.

A harmonious world government will be created for planning purposes, comprised of the wisest and most evolved humans on the planet. There will be no borders between countries, much less nationalities, ending the need for taxes and private property, and money will not be needed as a means of exchange. Technologies will be implemented to manage electricity and energy, which will transform material goods, producing in the simplest manner all necessities, ending poverty forever. There will be no more trials, nor moral values which, coincidentally, change with the season, as if they were fashion. Thousands of years based on the separation of human beings, adoring a faraway god, who judges and punishes, would be transformed forever. Mankind will live the “Galactic Spring”, together with the flowering of a new reality based on reintegration, in the unity with life, with the living planet, and with all human beings.

By: Anabell Castañeda
Email: [email protected]


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