Let’s start with a little adventure, explore the Calcehtok caves and the archaeological site of Oxkintok. Then cool off at Cenote San Ignacio and enjoy a delicious lunch at their restaurant. At night go to the Vaquería Regional (dance) at the Palacio Municipal in Mérida.


Drive to Progreso, rent some kayaks at the Ría and fall in love with nature. Then, with the free download Progreso map, go to El Corchito, with its springs and raccoons. Then go to the Malecón of Progreso for a delightful lunch and to enjoy the beach. At 8:30 pm go to Santiago Park in Mérida, to dance to the sounds of Noches de Remembranzas Musicales.


Have breakfast at hotel Casa San Ángel located at the “remate” of Paseo de Montejo in Mérida, then walk toward the Plaza Grande, and visit the stores and galleries on your way. Discover the Palacio de Gobierno, Casa de Montejo, the Cathedral and the MACAY museum. At night relax with 2 x 1 cocktails at Malahat Speakeasy in Parque Santa Lucía, from 8 pm to 10 pm. Download your free Paseo de Montejo map.


Wake up early and visit the archaeological site of Mayapán. Then go to Tecoh, walk through the García Buela market and eat something delicious, and remember to visit the convent and the church. On your way back to Mérida, have dinner at Restaurante Valentina at Hacienda Santa Cruz.


Have a day full of water and adventure at the Cuzamá cenotes. At night enjoy great music and delicious food at Hennessy’s Irish Pub, in Mérida, with live music by Copypaste.


Walk through the magic town of Izamal, visit the convent, streets and stores. Eat traditional Yucatecan food at Restaurante Zamná. At night, back in Mérida watch the cathedral video mapping at 9 pm. Download your free map of Izamal.


Rent a bicycle and drive through Centro and Paseo de Montejo on the Biciruta from 8 am to 12:30 pm. After that go to the north part of Mérida, and have a shopping afternoon at the malls. At night have a pizza at Drive In, located on the beautiful Avenida Colón.

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