The last few weeks have been very difficult as we try to adapt our daily lives to a new reality. This is why we wanted to write a different “Seven Day Stay” that will bring the best from our state into your home, help you take a break from your routine, and remind you of this wonderful little place we call our place in the world. We know that as Yucatecans we never forget our traditions, customs, or cuisine – we celebrate them every day of the year. However, we wanted to give you some ideas on how to incorporate Yucatán into your week at home, whether you’re here or far away.


Learn some Maya stories with your family, these reveal a lot about an ancient world view. In this edition we share the legend of the Choms, do you know it? On our website you can also find many other tales about Aluxes, Tsukán, Sip, and more!




Have you been experiencing headaches, fatigue, or earaches lately? It’s very normal to have these and other symptoms during times of stress. On page 9, Andrea shares a few traditional Maya remedies so that you can heal yourself and continue your day (or keep watching Netflix!)



The culinary scene in Yucatán is hotter than the May sun. Pasta, sushi, tacos, ice cream, burgers…whatever you want, delivered right to your doorstep! Your favorite restaurants are doing their utmost to feed your cravings and maintain strict health and safety regulations. Today, if you are financially able, support a local business and order takeout or delivery.



Every self-respecting Yucatecan knows how to sleep in a hammock and it’s truly perfect during these hotter months. But you can also use it as an exercise machine if you are one Codzito away from putting yourself on a diet. Watch Conchi León’s Youtube video for inspiration and laughter. FB: Conchi León



We’re so lucky to live in a region where many types of fruits and vegetables grow. Check out the Ayuntamiento de Mérida’s Facebook page for information on how to start your own kitchen garden. A small space is no object! You can start with just a few pots. FB: Mérida es Cultura



Make a Yucatecan recipe at home today. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a feast of Huevos Motuleños or Empanadas de Chaya con Queso de Bola. It’s so easy and we help you with step-by-step instructions on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Let’s get cooking!



Every Mérida local has a memory of going to Titeradas (puppet shows) on a Sunday morning. Travel back in time with characters such as Chereque and Lela Oxkutzcab on their Youtube channel. You can also take this time to research on Sedeculta’s social media sites what online events are happening this week.


Editorial by Maggie Rosado
Photography from different sources for their use in  Yucatán Today

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