The last few weeks have been very difficult as we try to adapt our daily lives to a new reality. This is why we wanted to write a different “Seven Day Stay” that will bring the best from our state into your home, help you take a break from your routine, and remind you of this wonderful little place we call our place in the world. We know that as Yucatecans we never forget our traditions, customs, or cuisine – we celebrate them every day of the year. However, we wanted to give you some ideas on how to incorporate Yucatán into your week at home, whether you’re here or far away.


Start your week by watching the documentary Jats’uts Meyah. You can still support this independent film made in Yucatán which focuses on preserving our customs, traditions, and ancestral knowledge. Rent or buy on Vimeo.



During quarantine, everyone is either resuming old hobbies or looking for new ways to keep busy. If you still haven’t done a puzzle, be sure to put it on your to-do list. Between the Lines has a gorgeous and unique selection for different skill levels, and they deliver!



Take a tour around the world, delivery style! On page 35, we share five restaurants dishing up international flavors, and you can enjoy them in the safety of your own home. The restaurants of our state are following strict health and safety guidelines. If it’s within your means, support them!



Stress, uncertainty, and other types of pressures we’re under can have significant effects on our health and state of mind. Pamper yourself with a self-care evening at home. This can be an at-home facial, or even reading a book to put in some “me” time. How do you take care of yourself?



To kick off the weekend and unwind after a week of home office or homeschooling, learn a little about mixology on Youtube. You can blend seasonal fruit like mango into a refreshing cocktail, or make a Carajillo. The choice is yours.



On Saturdays, Paseo 60 fills your home with music via their virtual concerts. At 8 pm, enjoy incredible live performers and different genres. Check their Facebook page to know who will be presenting each week.


Caballero Pobre


Make Caballeros Pobres at home to make everyone’s Sunday just a little bit sweeter. There is no better way to use stale bread than this traditional Yucatecan treat. Added bonus: it’s a great no-bake option that everyone loves! Get the recipe on our website.


Editorial by Maggie Rosado
Photography from different sources for their use in  Yucatán Today




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