By Jim Duignan

Did you know that…foreigners 62 years of age with an FM2 are eligible for a senior citizen card called INSEN (Instituto Nacional de la Senectud). You need to take two passport size photos, a copy of your FM2, a copy of a recent utility bill and a copy of your passport.

The office operates from 8:00 AM until 2:30 PM, Monday thru Friday. The phone number is: 923 9600 and the address is Calle 59 by Avenida Itzaes #499-D y 90 Modulo 2. With this card, long distance bus travel is discounted by 50%. Some hospitals, clinics, doctors, movie theaters, and shops give discounts. Three national restaurant chains give discounts, also. These include : VIPS 15%, Restaurantes California 10%, and Bisquits de Obregon 10%. Good luck!

Americans living outside of the United States are not eligible for Medicare insurance unless you happen to be hospitalized or need medical attention while visiting in the United States.
There are a couple of Mexican insurance companies that offer medical insurance coverage at an affordable price. For example, for about $1,000.00 US a year, you can have coverage up to about $100,000.00 US.

The two companies worth looking at are: 
La Peninsular Seguros S.A., Calle 58-A #499-D by 29, and ING Seguros America, Paseo de Montejo at corner of Calle 35.

As a safety net, if your foreign medical insurance doesn’t cover you out of your country, you might want to look into IMSS (Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social.) For information and application, take a copy of your FM2, two photos, a recent utility bill and your passport. The cost is about $250 US a year. Go to: Sub-Delegación Mérida Norte, Calle 7 by 38, Col. Pensiones.

Culture vulture? If you want to learn and be overwhelmed by the cultural events going on in Yucatán, ask to receive the cartelera of the Instituto Cultural de Yucatán (ICY). Check out:


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