Senderos del Alma (Paths to the Soul) is an Art Therapy project which began its work in 2011. It proposes an alternative path to the recognition of human potential and improvements to various mental health facets: emotional, social, and spiritual.

“We think that expression through art is the means to healing and integral development,” says Ivan Baltazar, member artist of the group Senderos del Alma.

Formed by a group of professionals who represent fields of psychology and visual arts, they structure workshops according to the needs of various sectors. “We have worked with children (development of creativity and values), women (prevention of violence and gender equality), youth (education and prevention of addictions), elders (thanatology and expression of mourning), and families (integration and harmony); promoting self-knowledge and motivating integral growth.”

In order to develop the workshop content, the group needs tangible materials and mobility to the various places where the workshops are held. One way to achieve this is through the sale of Ivan’s works of art. “And if someone would like to help us, it could be through the donation of materials (different types and sizes of papers, colors, crayons, vinyl or acrylic paint, paintbrushes, pencils and erasers, plain white paper, plasticine, tape, or any other material for the expression of visual art).”

Also, if you would like to help with a monetary donation please contact them.

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