What would happen if you had the chance to live a thousand lives? To travel to unimaginable places? To get to know great minds? All of this, in a very affordable way…would you?

In México, reading is not an activity that is taken very seriously… but, what if I told you that books are like doors that take you to other worlds, to visit exotic places, to learn about foreign cultures or to hear different points of view from our own. Would you dare to step into the world of reading?

It’s very easy! Just grab a book, read it, and if you liked it, find other titles with similar themes; if you didn’t like the book you chose at the beginning, change the subject, and keep reading until you find the right kind of literature for you.

The book that hooked me was “The Hound of the Baskervilles” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. After being astonished by the intriguing personality of the detective Sherlock Holmes, I knew I couldn’t stop experiencing the sensation of having read a good book.

Unfortunately, it isn’t an inexpensive hobby; however, in Mérida there are a few places that offer plenty of second-hand books at very reasonable prices.

In “Casa Tino, Libros y Muebles Usados” you’ll find everything from medical or law books to popular authors such as Ken Follett, John Katzenbach, Isabel Allende; and classics like Dante Alighieri, Edgar Allan Poe, and Gabriel García Márquez. Find this literary treasure chest on Calle 65 between 62 and 64, Centro, in Mérida.

On Calle 64 between 55 and 57 you’ll see an establishment (without a name) that sells all kinds of books. There you can find authors like Danielle Steel, Paulo Coelho, as well as school books, and you can have access to them at a very, very low price.  If you go and they’re not open, every Sunday in Parque de Santa Lucía they share their titles for whoever is looking for a good read.

Additionally, every Saturday on Calle 59 between 62 and 64, from 8 am to 3 pm, a little stand is placed where you can find a big catalogue of books. Same as, in Lucas de Gálvez market, there’s also the possibility to find books with captivating stories. Find this little stand in the spices area, in the heart of the market.

Now you know, there’s no excuse not to start a reading habit. Be bold enough to discover new worlds, new friends, and exciting adventures. Learn about the great authors of the past and the contemporary, learn new words, and improve your writing…but more than anything, dare to enjoy the sensation of having read a good, good book.

Editorial by Claudia Améndola
Photography by Claudia Améndola for use in Yucatán Today

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