Coqui Coqui mieles10 years after of the opening of Coqui Coqui Perfumería Valladolid, as host, headquarters, and fundamental piece of all the Coqui Coqui Residences, the brand presents the flavors and scents of México, and particularly of Yucatán, in a synchronized symbiosis introducing an aroma, a flavor, by way of the mouth.

Introducing the taste of the scents was done by creating the first toothpaste inspired in our state. The base is fresh mint, and provides a way to taste the collection of scents that inspired Coqui Coqui from the beginning: the exotic and sophistication of nature and Mexican culture.

Their line of sacred honeys, that includes the “Melipona” (nectar of the Maya) and the “Apis Melífera”, are both combined with the pink pepper from the “pirul”, cardamom from Veracruz, and vanilla of Papantla, ground and toasted in the “comal”.

The infusions release adventurous aromatic notes the moment they come together with local ingredients: wild chamomile, “azahares” from Yucatán, hibiscus flower (“jamaica”), Castilla rose, vanilla orchid from Papantla, as well as lemon balm, astringent lemon grass, courtyard cedar and garden mint.

Coqui Coqui presents the magical and always-desired cacao in a chocolate bar in the form of a gold ingot, with the scent and flavor of coconut, the subtle hibiscus flower and rose petals, that are also combined with the Coqui Coqui cafeteriaintensity of cardamom, fresh mint and our favorite, bitter orange with lemon grass, from their own botanic garden.

The containers of these magical flavors are made from pottery and glass, combined with ancestral techniques such as gold leaf, cut glass and cracked finishes. Coqui Coqui decided to work with the best Mexican artisans for two whole years, creating these amazing containers. They have two different pottery lines: one that is reminiscent of the elegance of 100 years ago, decorated with imperial gold leaf; and the rustic and contemporary pottery decorated with cracked finishes and the signature style of the Coqui Coqui Oficios Artesanos.

We invite you to experience this poetic delirium, intimately connected with histories of folklore, culture and the people of this country: each formula and element has a special significance.

Coqui Coqui is waiting to show you all the stories of the flavors and aromas that have their roots in the rich biodiversity of Mexico. Taste a chocolate, sip an infusion and delight yourself with the honeys; whether in Mérida, Izamal, Valladolid or Coba…or maybe in one of their select stores all over the world.

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