Spanish is fairly easy and pretty much a “what you see is what you say” language. Two rules are 1) get the sounds of the vowels down and you’ve got it made and 2) say every syllable that you see. 
There are five vowels and each one has only one sound – not like English where there are long vowels and short vowels.

Spanish a: English “a” as in father
Spanish e: English short “e” as in egg
Spanish i: English long “e” as in be, seem
Spanish o: English long “o” as in rose
Spanish u: English “oo” as in boo, moon

A cute rhyming verse to help you learn the vowels is “a, e, i, o, u, el burro sabe mas que tú” which means, “a, e, i, o, u the mule knows more than you” (not very complimentary but very functional sound-wise!) In the words burro and sabe, remember to break the words down and say every syllable bu-rro, sa-be, etc.

I want to (to see) a room Quiero (ver) un cuarto – for two persons /para dos personas – with (without) bath / con (sin) baño – with AC / con aire acondicionado – with a sea view / con vista al mar – We are leaving tomorrow / Partimos manaña Do you accept / Acepta usted – credit cards / tarjetas de crédito – traveler’s checks/ cheques de viajero Do you have a / Tienen – a restaurant / restaurante? – car rental / rentadora de autos? – laundry service / lavandería? -Internet / Internet? – wireless / inalámbrica? -swimming pool / piscina? – Is there one close by? / Hay alguna cerca?

Breakfast / Desayuno
Eggs / Huevos – soft boiled / tibios – scrambled / revueltos – hard boiled / duros – fried / fritos -Motuleños (see Yucatán cuisine)
-w/ tomato, onion / a la Mexicana – w/bacon / con tocino – w/spicy sausage / con longaniza -w/cheese / con queso – w/mushrooms / con champiñones French toast / Tostadas franceses Fruit plate / Plato de frutas Yoghurt/ Yogurt Toasted French bread covered w/refried beans au gratin / Molletes Toast / Pan tostado Sweet rolls / Pan dulce Butter/ Mantequilla Honey / Miel

Lunch & Dinner /Almuerzo y Cena
Appetizers / Antojitos
Broth /Caldo
Soup / Sopa – garlic/ de ajo – lentils / de lentejas – rice pilaf (not soup) / de arroz – lime (Yucatecan speciality) / de lima 
- chicken broth w/rice, avocado, tortilla chips, chili guajillo / caldo Tlapeño
Fish / Pescado Meat / Carne Chicken/ Pollo

Crab – Jaiba
Clams – Almejas
Conch – Caracol
Lobster- Langosta
Snails – Chivitas
Shrimp- Camarón
Oysters – Ostiones
Squid – Calamar
Octopus- Pulpo

Grouper – Mero
Red Snapper – Huachinango
Snapper – Pargo
Snook –Robalo
Medregal – Esmedregal
Mackerel – Sierra
Yellow Jack – Jurel
Dolphin (like Mahi Mahi) – Dorado
Corbina – Corvina
Perch –Mojarra
Hog Fish – Boquinete
Pampano- Pampano
Jewfish – Cherna
Tuna – Atún Amber
Jack – Coronado
Wahoo – Petro
Tarpon- Sábalo
Baby Shark – Cazón
Shark –Tiburón
Yellowtail – Rubia

Ceviche Fish marinated in lime juice with tomatoes, onions and chilis
Fried Fish – Pescado Frito
Fillets – Filete
Breaded– Empanizado
In garlic – Al mojo de ajo
Smothered in onion, tomato and bell pepper – A la Veracruzana
In a white cream sauce – A la Crema
Stuffed– Relleno

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