Festival Sabores de Yucatán by @holasoy.reneeThe Yucatán Peninsula has become a culinary paradise, and this November we’re celebrating. From November 16 to 20, the much-anticipated Festival de Sabores de Yucatán will be taking over the region, inviting locals and travelers alike to indulge in the vibrant and delicious Yucatecan culinary scene.


The Festival Sabores de Yucatán, or “Flavors of Yucatán Festival,” is a culinary extravaganza that showcases the rich and diverse cuisine of our state. This year’s event promises to be a foodie journey like no other, featuring a wide array of delectable dishes, traditional recipes, and innovative culinary creations. The festival brings together some of the most talented chefs, artisans, and food enthusiasts to celebrate Yucatecan cuisine and culture.


One of the highlights of the Festival Sabores is the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, a global wine competition that will be taking place in our state. It’s an incredible opportunity to taste and learn about the region’s finest libations. So, if you’re a connoisseur of wine or spirits, this is an event to keep your eye on!


Barra México is yet another exciting and anticipated highlight of the Festival Sabores. Barra México gathers some of the most talented bartenders, mixologists, and spirits experts from around the globe. This event is not only a celebration of the art of cocktail crafting but also an exploration of the distinct flavors and spirits that define the Yucatecan region.


Tap room tours, Festival de Sabores by @holasoy.reneeBut perhaps the most exciting feature of this year’s Festival is that, for the first time in its history, The Best Chef Awards Gala is taking place outside Europe, precisely in the city of Mérida. Not only will the world’s best chef (and 99 runners-up) be announced, but a host of talks, debates, and demonstrations featuring some of the most globally renowned chefs will be happening around the city. 


Six-hands dinners, foodie routes, Cantina and tap room tours, and city market visits are but a few of the many events that will be taking place from November 16 to 20. But that’s not all—if special events are not your cup of tea, Yucatán’s traditional food, recognized by UNESCO as its intangible cultural heritage, is also yours to discover. 


Festival de Sabores de Yucatan by @holasoy.reneeFrom the iconic Cochinita Pibil to the traditional Papadzules, you’ll have the chance to explore the Yucatecan culinary repertoire in all its glory. For those with a sweet tooth, Yucatán is a paradise. You can sample traditional Yucatecan sweets such as Marquesitas (crispy rolled wafers filled with cheese and sweet toppings), Caballeros Pobres (a Yucatecan version of French toast), and of course, a variety of flans, ice cream and candied fruit. There’s something to satisfy every palate.


Festival Sabores de Yucatán is not just about food; it’s also a celebration of Yucatán’s rich cultural heritage. Don’t miss out on a visit to Mercadito Sabores (at the parking lot of the outstanding Yerba Santa restaurant, Paseo Montejo x 35 y 37, Centro) to experience traditional music, dance, and art, all within a vibrant and immersive atmosphere. Local artisans will showcase their crafts, offering unique souvenirs to remember your adventures through Yucatán.


Make sure to check out the festival’s website (https://yucatan.travel/festivalsabores2023) for more information on specific events, schedules, and participating restaurants. Plan your culinary adventure accordingly and don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the flavors and traditions of Yucatán!


Photography by MUGY, and Renée Morales for its use in Yucatán Today.

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