Today, Santa Lucía has become one of the Centro Histórico’s favorite areas, but it also has a past that’s full of history because it’s one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods.


Amongst Santa Lucía’s main attractions are the church and the park (both located on Calle 60 x 55). This area’s beginnings go way back to 1565, just a few years after the founding of the city of Mérida. What we now know as Santa Lucía started out just as a shrine for slaves to hold their religious services, and it continued in this way for many years. The pleasant plaza we know today wasn’t built until 1804 and has been modified throughout the years.


The zone’s culinary offering includes restaurants that are located both in the archways of the park and on nearby streets. You can enjoy everything from modest Esquites and Marquesitas served by food carts, to sophisticated dishes inspired by Mexican and international flavors.



Walk down the streets of Santa Lucía and gaze at colonial architecture, boutique hotels, and irresistible stores that are bound to give you plenty of reasons to pick up the perfect souvenir, for yourself or for someone you love. If you’re feeling particularly hot, you’ll find refreshing ice creams and frappés that will help you cool off while you sit on one of the park benches, snap a picture in the giant “Confidente” chairs, or just wander around enjoying the green gardens and tropical ambiance.


If you’re around on a Thursday evening, stay for the “Serenata” and enjoy the music and traditional dancing that has been held each week since 1965. If you’re at the park on a Sunday morning, you’ll also have plenty to see and do: check out some sweet dance moves and join them if you like, you can also visit the market that sets up or the classic Bici Ruta that runs up Calle 60.


Dress nice and cool, and enjoy one of Mérida’s most beloved neighborhoods.




What you can’t miss:

  • Charming restaurants
  • Boutique and handcraft shops
  • The Serenata: Thursday at 9 pm
  • Mérida en domingo: 10 am – 3 pm
  • Snap a selfie in the giant “Confidente” chairs


Need to find you way around? Check out our map:

– Santa Lucía Park Map

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