The Santa Ana neighborhood, in the historic center of the city, includes the church, the park, and the market. It’s a very peaceful place to spend a pleasant moment.


The façade of the church is very plain and is finished with an iron cross and two bell towers forming a pyramid located on each side. After crossing the simple atrium, you will see the entry below a half point arch. The entire façade of the building is made from sober, solid stone. Interesting fact: it is said that the very old bell which is housed in this church has the most pleasant sound of any church bell in the city.


The interior is also very simple. In the presbytery there is a wooden altar painted with oil, with gold accents, situated on a platform with three steps running along the front, with two gates at the ends: one of iron and one of wood.


The stained-glass side windows allow the subtlety of the colors to fill the chapel interiors with light. In the middle of the altar is the image of Santa Ana (mother of the Virgin Mary) who this church is consecrated to.


Between 1725 and 1733, governor and general Antonio de Figueroa y Silva Lazo de la Vega Ladrón del Niño de Guevara ordered a stone arch to be made, which was demolished in the 19th C, at the corner of what is now calles 60 and 47, which at the time was the outskirts of the city. A short time later, the first stone was placed in the Santa Ana parish church, which was financed by the same governor.


Today, Santa Ana is its own world full of stores, cafés, and art galleries surrounding the old church walls. The abundant green areas of the park share space with the old mansions in the neighborhood, which are slowly being renovated by new inhabitants who have rediscovered the charm of living in the Centro Histórico of Mérida.


Here you can find the unique ambience of the mercado, a favorite place of many, locals as well as visitors, for breakfast or a delicious lunch or dinner of regional food.

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