Right on Paseo de Montejo there is an explosion of bright pink where two mansions, that were abandoned for over 30 years, used to stand. I am of course talking about Rosas & Xocolate, the boutique hotel that has grown into an icon of the Ciudad Blanca’s most famous avenue over the past 14 years.


 Carol Kolozs arrived to Mérida in 2006 with a desire to contribute to his new home. He fell in love with a mansion which was in ruins and ended up purchasing it without knowing that he would eventually transform it into a hotel with a Diamond Distinctive from the Ministry of Tourism.


Rosas & XocolateRosas & Xocolate has achieved what few spaces have by becoming a pioneer of boutique hotels in the city. It has stood out for having the most sumptuous services in town, such as a spa with exclusive treatments and a five-star restaurant that has been awarded the title of best hotel restaurant in México by the Canirac. All of this was achieved without sacrificing an intimate ambience that welcomes you in the minute you walk through the door.


“The universe calls out to you,” Carol shares. He tells me about the series of coincidences and circumstances that led him to open Rosas & Xocolate and even baptize it with its name. “I was on a flight reading the newspaper El Reforma, when I came across an article about a town in Spain called Roza, which is my mother’s name. When I flipped the page, there was a spread about cacao and the Maya. That’s how the name Rosas & Xocolate was born.”


In 2013, the group expanded and opened Rosa Sur 32º in parque de Santa Lucia. The restaurant offers a menu designed by Chef Mario Espinosa, who mixes Mexican roots with Mediterranean ingredients and techniques to create a fusion of flavors and a gastronomic experience unlike any other in the state.


In 2019, Rosas & Xocolate opened their creation, Maya de Asia, located in The Harbor mall. Maya de Asia expands Rosas & Xocolate’s reach in the city with a menu that mixes Asian cuisine and traditional Yucatecan gastronomy. The restaurant is divided in two spaces: A taco and sushi bar, and a dining room for over 150 people where you’ll be able to savor both Panuchos and extraordinary Asian flavors.


Rosas & XocolateAs people tend to say around here, “things are never the same 10 years later.” Rosas & Xocolate has been a witness to the changes in our city, it has grown alongside it, and has also played a fundamental role in positioning Yucatán as one of the best tourist destinations in the country and the world. Part of the joy behind this anniversary is the recognition and contributions it has brought the local community. If there’s one thing I’m sure of is that it will continue to do so for many years to come.



Editorial by Maggie Rosado
Photography by Rosas & Xocolate, Una Stefanovic and Loboluna Producciones

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