Rosas Xocolate Mérida is the setting for something special: the Hotel Rosas & Xocolate on Paseo de Montejo at Calle 41, a member of the Design Hotels group. Three years in the making, this stunning 17-room hotel/restaurant/bar/spa/gym/chocolaterie has to be seen–and experienced–to be believed. The word “oasis” is often used; but rarely does it apply as it does here.

Owner Carol Kolozs explains the origin of the hotel name: his mother’s name was Rose, and the family which owned the property where the hotel now sits, was named Rosado. The Maya word for chocolate was chosen as the counterpoint; hence the result Rosas & Xocolate. Roses and chocolate are present as both bold and understated themes throughout the hotel; and just as no two roses are exactly alike, every guest room and every piece of furniture is unique. The result is a collaboration between Carol, architect Salvador Reyes, restoration specialist Josefina Larrain, together with many artists and artisans…and a little bit of magic. The glory of the original two exquisite mansions has been preserved, creating a harmony between the antique and the contemporary. Natural materials and handcrafted finishings blend seamlessly with the espresso machine, handmade rose and chocolate soap, and Bose sound system in every room.

There is sumptuousness in every area: bathtubs open to the sky, water gardens, tequila bar, wine tasting room, suspended staircases, chocolate treatments in the spa, drinks under the stars in the rooftop Moon Lounge, professional gym, and chocolate boutique. Every whim and sense will be touched by the balance of textures, colors, lighting, and details. Even the gleaming, air-conditioned stainless steel kitchen has a vase of roses for the chefs and kitchen personnel to enjoy.

The restaurant is elegant and the chefs are brilliant, just as you would expect. But the prices are not what you would expect; they are lower than several of the other highly-rated restaurants in Mérida. The menu is evolving, and features culinary gems with the freshest and highest quality ingredients…the duck salad is heavenly…

Design Hotels is an international lifestyle brand synonymous with distinctive architecture and interior design, balanced with functionality and exceptional service. Established in 1993, Design Hotels, based in Berlin, currently represents and markets a hand-selected collection of 176 hotels in 43 countries. Of the hundreds of applications received annually, Design Hotels accepts only a few new members each year; there are only seven in all of México.

Each hotel operates with an eye to the future, looking beyond immediate interests towards long-term, sustainable growth. The members of the global network support a wide variety of non-profit projects as diverse as the hotels themselves. Rosas & Xocolate has been fundamental in the establishment of the Patronato de Paseo de Montejo, with the goal of revitalizing the city’s most important street and restoring it to its former glory. This perfectly elegant hotel is a natural vantage point for this project, contributing to the prestige which Paseo de Montejo so richly deserves.

Rosas & Xocolate
Paseo de Montejo #480 x Calle 41
Merida, Yucatan.
Tel: (999) 924 2992

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