top and roll whenever you want, always with the wind on your face. Look closely at a narrow street, place, a monument, or some colorful bougainvilleas falling on an old wall, and even smell ‘em when you go by. Make a “stop” at an illuminated roundabout during a starry night…this and much more is what Mérida has for you at night, on skates or bike


Exploring Mérida has no limits! Every time you blink there are new alternatives. Here are a couple of ideas: touring the city, its old Barrios, the Centro Histórico, and even the residential areas on wheels, be it two (bike) or four (skates). What won’t change is the feeling of enjoying the outdoors at night, framed by a sky full of stars and the company of many who, like you, enjoy a stroll in one of the safest cities in México. Haven’t tried it yet? We don’t understand what you’re waiting for. 


And we’re going to introduce two groups that you can join in a blink of an eye. The first is CicloTurixes, backed up by a decade of bike outings; the second, Patinamigos, a baby group (started last August) with more than 250 skaters to date. Both explore Mérida at night, have programs, ride with all safety measures, and don’t charge to join their rides. 



On Bike

Cristina López is part of CicloTurixes. Every Wednesday, at 8:30 pm, they meet at Parque de Santa Ana to start different routes in the city, always coming back to the meeting point. “We started a decade ago, just a bunch of us; today a ride can include 150 cyclists, including locals, nationals, and foreigners,” Cris shares. 


In the company of a few dozen healthy-minded individuals, with protective gear, lights, and water, CicloTurixes’ members ride for two hours. By 11 pm they’re back at Santa Ana. “We go back mainly for the tourists who rent bikes at the park, so they can return them,” explains Cris. See? You don’t even need a bike to begin. 


For the cyclists, riding at night is wonderful, as there’s less traffic and it’s not as hot as during the day. Another plus is that, since it’s at night, many are free to enjoy this kind of activity (they’re off work!). On the other hand, Cris highlights the security in Mérida, which allows people to pedal in a very chill and safe way, no matter what time it is. 


Note: Only cyclists aged 18 and up are allowed to ride. To contact them, just visit their social media (FB and IG: @ChicloTurixes).



On skates


Patinamigos has members from seven to more than 60 years old. “We are united by our love for skating, dynamic outings, exercise, and socializing,” Casandra Domínguez tells us; she’s one of the group’s founders. 


The skaters have a daytime route: every Sunday from 8 am to 2 pm during the Biciruta at Paseo de Montejo. The others are at night, such as the “The Harbor,” which takes place Thursdays at 9 pm. They leave the mall, go down all the way to Paseo de Montejo, and return. During the week, with prior notice on social media, they do nightly rides through residential areas, including Las Américas, Santa Fe, Floresta, Los Héroes, and even Cholul.



“We skate very well organized and with all the protection needed. Doing this at night is perfect to avoid the traffic and the heat; besides Mérida is a safe city, even if you’re out at 1 am,” adds Casandra. 


Now you know: Mérida at night is waiting to take you on an adventure: get active and socialize in one of the healthiest, most fun ways. Join the ride!


IG y FB: CicloTurixes


IG: @patinamigos_merida
FB: Los Patinamigos Mérida




Editorial by Cecilia García Olivieri
Writer and reporter
Sumario Yucatán




Photography by Cecilia García Olivieri for use in Yucatán Today.

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