The depth of a glance, the emotions and the world that live in our inner selves, are part of the aesthetics that you will find in the paintings of Rodolfo Baeza.

Rodolfo Baeza3Rodolfo found a calling in his youth through drawing. Before that, he studied graphic design in Mérida; afterwards he moved to México City to work in the world of cinema, working as the art productions assistant for the recognized filmmaker Carlos Carrera. There he formalized his learning in clay animation and film photography. Advertising was part of his path as well; he worked in an agency and then founded one of his own.

In 2006 he came back to Mérida, to his roots and to painting. The first thing he created was a mural, and since then he hasn’t stopped working as a painter, muralist, engraver, giving art workshops, and doing prints: living his biggest passion.

From the world of advertising he acquired the discipline that he still uses today. Whether creating something for a client or on an inspiration of his own, Rodolfo always has something new and unique in process. Now he is doing a series of portraits, “interpretations”, as he likes to call them, along with some of projects of his own. On Saturdays he gives painting workshops for UADY students.

In his studio located in the renewed “barrio” of Santiago, you can appreciate different moments of his creative process. To create an “interpretation”, Rodolfo takes a photo of the “collector”, as he calls his clients, with the illumination and framing he needs. After that he starts capturing his vision on an umber canvas. Different layers of paint are gradually added until he has his final piece, in a process that takes from 4 to 6 months. Many pieces are created at the same time.

Strongly inspired by Caravaggio, Baeza’s work has gone through a transition of ochers to blues in his recent phase, while maintaining the intensity and depth that has always characterized him.

He has done solo exhibits of his painting at the MACAY museum in 2013, and in Chiapas, Xalapa, and Italy; and participated in group exhibitions in México City, Torreón, and Mérida. He also goes all over the country participating as guest at cultural festivals. Recently he presented “Distopía,” a joint mural with Rubén Carrasco, and in Valladolid he created a mural for Hotel Zentik; check it out!

Because of his connection to drawing, he loves to make engravings. In this technique he is preparing a series commemorating Miguel de Cervantes, which will be exhibited jointly in México City.

In murals, engravings, or on canvas, Rodolfo Baeza’s works reflect humanity through a very particular eye; as a spectator you will be amazed. You can see and acquire his work at Galería La Escalera, at and in social media: Rodolfo Baeza Art.

By Violeta H. Cantarell

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