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July, 2014

Which definition of summer do you prefer: the scientific one (the warmest of the four temperate seasons, falling between spring and autumn) or this one: a day at the beach with sun, sand, sea, cold drinks, and seafood. When school is out, it is a universal phenomenon everywhere: people head to the nearest beach!

In Progreso, seaside dining is a long tradition. Everyone wants their seafood fresh and well prepared. The oceanfront restaurant Viña del Mar is owned by a family which has a long business tradition of fresh seafood: they also own the fish distribution plant in Progreso. So they have the best access to the freshest seafood, and have won awards for cleanliness in their restaurant kitchen, too.

Restaurante Viña del Mar, a family business located on the Progreso Malecón (waterfront boardwalk) has been an institution in Progreso for the past ten years. Under Edwin’s management, the restaurant thrives, and is a popular choice for families, visitors, Meridanos, and for group events for local businesses. The restaurant is open every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, from 8 am to 12 midnight.

The large dining room facing the water has big windows which are open to let the sea breezes in, and there is also a separate large space for private groups. There is also a covered terrace in the back for outdoor dining. If you are walking your dog along the seaside, and have the sudden urge to have a seafood lunch, there is a special space for dogs on the property as well.

The waterfront setting at the east end of the Malecón provides views of the pier and visiting cruise ships, swaying palm trees, sunbathers and swimmers, and people strolling and jogging along the Malecón.

The ample lunch and dinner menu includes:

Appetizers and snacks
Grilled seafood and mixed skewers
Fish filets in every style you can imagine
Seafood specialties including lobster, shrimp, octopus, and mixed platters
Seafood cocktails
Shrimps, also in every style you can imagine

The breakfast menu has a wide variety of eggs and omelettes, crepes, hotcakes, steak, French toast, and traditional Mexican breakfast specialties like enchiladas, fajitas, chilaquiles and machaca. All breakfasts include fruit, juice, and coffee.

There is also a full bar and beer list, coffee menu, soft drinks, and fresh juices.

Viña del Mar Restaurant & Bar
Calle 19 (Malecón) No. 136 x 60 y 62
Tel. 969 934 4747
Facebook: Restaurant Viña del Mar


Restaurante Viña del Mar, a family business located on the Progreso waterfront, has been an institution in Progreso for the past ten years.

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