Sushi Roll

May, 2015

As the name implies, Sushi Roll is a Japanese food restaurant, with 46 branches in all of México. The first branch in México opened in 1996; the Mérida franchise opened its doors in December 2014. In their own words: “Our job is to offer you the great combination of a nice place close by, and a delicious variety of Japanese dishes.”

When you walk in the door of their restaurant located in Plaza Galerías, in the north part of Mérida, you immediately notice the super modern décor and setting. As if you were sitting in a contemporary downtown Tokyo sushi bar, the plate glass windows overlook the boutique shopping options in the mall. There are private booths with (and without) their own TV screens, a full bar, an open kitchen with all of the fresh meats, fish, and vegetables on display, and the teppanyaki tables: a shiny stainless steel grill, surrounded by seating for six (two on each side; with space on the fourth side for a chef to cook just for you and your friends.

The incredibly comprehensive menu presents a full range of contemporary Japanese cuisine. All the ingredients are fresh and everything is prepared individually, at the moment, for you. The standards of food quality are extremely high, and the restaurant is spotlessly clean. You can watch the talented chefs at work. And the service is efficient and warm.

For a very social experience, consider a teppanyaki meal with your friends. You will all be able to watch your own personal chef at work, up close, and he will describe the food and its preparation as he goes along. It’s fun and delicious! Ingredients include : vegetables, chicken, rib eye, beef filet, beef arrachera, shrimps, and salmon. Mix and match!

If seated at a non-teppanyaki table, the menu has the following options: appetizers, skewers (kushiague and yakitori), soups, salads, rice, noodles, sushi rolls, temaki, nigiri, sashimi, tempura, Oriental takos, specialties, and teriyaki. There are also some deliciously inventive desserts to choose from, including ice cream tempura and banana maki! Sushi Roll also has a full bar, including a variety of sakes and Japanese beers.

Plaza Galerías (the plaza with Liverpool)
Prolongación Montejo
2nd floor
Tel. 999 941 6831

Mon.-Sat. 1 pm – 11 pm, Sun. 1 pm – 10 pm


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