SlaviaEach month Yucatan Today visits a restaurant in order to describe what it has to offer. This is not a review; it is a summary of the menu, service, ambience, prices, and opening hours.

March 2006

Cuisine: Fusion.
Chef: Diego Chacon. 
Decor: Eclectic Thai/Indian den. 
Seating: 120. 
Prices: $200 pesos for two. 
Schedule: 5.30 pm – 2 am Daily.
Credit Cards: MC, Visa. Location: On Paseo Montejo, at the Monumento a la Bandera. 
Parking: On the street.

Where to start? With the great food or the unique ambiance? 

Let’s start with the food. The menu includes appetizers, main courses of duck, venison, poultry, steaks and salmon or shrimp, and salads and baguettes. We chose two appetizers for our light dinner. Would you like your cheese fondue (Brie, Gruyere and Ementhal) au natural or with mushrooms, fine herbs or Spanish sausage? Or would you like a chocolate fondue? The choice is yours. We accompanied our Three Cheese Fondue with a wooden platter of deli-style colds cuts. There are six platters to choose from – deli cold cuts, mixed, Serrano ham, mixed with Serrano ham, fruits and/or cheeses.

The cuchiagues cheese sticks sound very tempting! Made with either cream or Gouda cheese and stuffed with salmon, they are served with a raspberry, chipotle chili and mango sauce. Yum!!

Slavia is a small place with a peaceful feeling about it. Dimly lit, with Indian and Thai gods and statues, mirrors, glass chandeliers, candles, a large fountain, red velvet tablecloths, and tent style draped ceilings. All the little “nook and cranny” areas give Slavia the feeling of a lair or den. When you walk in the door you will be transported to another world.

There are four areas to choose from: the bar area with several tables at the entrance or one of the three dining rooms that wind and meander toward the back of the restaurant.

Slavia has a full bar, including 180 different Martinis to choose from. Try the Chocolate Martini as a unique dessert.

Slavia is popular and rather small, so we encourage you to get there early!

Where to start? With the great food or the unique ambiance?

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