Silver Fish LangostaSeptember, 2015

There is a very special place in Mérida for people who adore delicious seafood, appreciate personal attention and excellent service, and who want to be pampered in an elegant setting which still manages to have a casual feel to it. And all of this at prices which are lower than what you would expect.

For more than five years, the locals have been returning to Silver Fish again and again. The restaurant is proud of the high number of regular customers, who love being remembered by their favorite waiters, being called by name, and being served their favorite things without having to explain. But the waiters give excellent, personal service to everyone, whether a regular customer or a first-timer. And once you have eaten here, you too may become a regular!

Ample space between tables, comfortable seating, elegant glassware and cutlery, white chairs, black linen, and modern fish-themed art are many of the details that help to define the elegant setting. Wood floors and a unique triangular building shape provide a sense of being on a boat, without exaggerating the nautical theme.

When it comes to the food, fresh ingredients, a creative chef, and a unique menu will satisfy your high expectations for a delicious meal. There are many items which are not even on the menu, so ask your waiter if he knows about any special dish the chef has created which you might enjoy; and if you see something being served at a nearby table that looks wonderful, ask your waiter what it is! They often receive a special shipment of some ingredient which inspires the chef to dream up a new dish just for one day.

Some of their signature dishes include : Garlic king prawn (Langostino al ajillo), Pasta with lobster (Pasta con langosta), Tuna tartare (Tártara de atún), and Octopus Poc Chuc (Pulpo Poc Chuc): a variation on the classic Yucatecan pork dish, the octopus is sliced, marinated, and charcoal grilled.

And of course you can start your meal with a fabulous cocktail, accompany it with a delicious bottle of wine, and top it off with a fantastic dessert.

As with most seafood restaurants in Mérida, Silver Fish is open for lunch and very early dinners, with hours from 12 pm – 8 pm every day. Come find out why their slogan is “A gastronomic adventure”!

Glorieta “El Centrito”, Col. Montecristo
Tel. 999 948 2466
Facebook: Silver Fish


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