Villa Martine

December, 2014

For an evening when you want every detail to be perfect, Villa Martine Restaurant would be an excellent choice. This elegant restaurant, located near Parque de Santiago, has reopened after a few years’ hiatus (it was previously known as Villa María). Austrian chef Johann is back in the kitchen, which is making his fans very happy. His recipes are inventive but respectful of the classics; and every meal coming out of his kitchen is delicious, with attention to all the most important details: quality and freshness of ingredients; hot foods are hot and cold foods are cold; and the presentation is as pleasing to the eye as the flavors are to the palate!

The magnificent casona where Villa Martine is located was a private home for many years, and then it was the setting for one of Mérida’s iconic Lebanese restaurants which is now in a different location. The perfectly proportioned square terrace is surrounded by unique Moorish arches, with dining under the stars…and if it starts to rain, you don’t have to move indoors…there is a retractable roof which takes only moments to close! This feature alone makes the setting one of the most unique spaces in Yucatán. Candlelight on the tables, vivid colors and beautiful art on the walls, and just-right background music complete the elements for a perfect setting.

Managers Armando and Martha will welcome you, and with their excellent people skills they have trained their waiters well. The service is something to write home about! It is warm but subtle, and always efficient.

The menu is international, European mainly, with a few Mexican and Yucatecan specialties to complete the selection. It includes:

Appetizers: goat cheese tartlet, squash flower ravioli, classic smoked salmon, and guacamole.

Soups: French onion soup and crèm Doria (cucumber cream soup).

Salads: Greek salad, sesame seed chicken salad, Lyon salad, and nopales with feta cheese.

Beef: beef filet, New York steak, beef medallions, and fajitas.

Pork: sherry pork and authentic Wiener Schnitzel.

Poultry: duck breast, chicken breast, Moroccan chicken, Mole Poblano, fajitas, and stuffed Poblano pepper.

Fish: salmon filet, Teriyaki tuna, and catch of the day.

Desserts: mocca mousse, chocolate mousse, Austrian Sacher Torte, poached pear, crème brûlée, fresh fruit sorbets, and ice cream.

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 6 pm – midnight; Sunday 2 pm – 10 pm
Calle 59 x 68, Centro
Tel. (999) 102 9903


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