Frailes1July, 2013

A year and a half ago a new restaurant serving Yucatecan food opened its doors, and has already become famous among fans of this type of cuisine; with good reason: its spectacular country setting, delicious food, and excellent service set it apart.

Restaurante Frailes in Conkal, just 10 minutes past the periférico, is a labor of love which took seven years to complete. The owners, long-time residents of Conkal, bought a huge piece of land, and in 2005 began to fulfill their dream of opening a country restaurant which would serve delicious Yucatecan food appealing to all five of the senses. They cleared the land, planted many beautiful trees, and began to build the restaurant, with many details that will remind you of the haciendas of our region. Seven years later, in February of 2012, they proudly opened their doors and have enjoyed tremendous popularity ever since.

Located on a main street of the pretty village of Conkal, the exquisitely landscaped grounds provide the setting for the large hacienda-style restaurant. Colorful exterior walls, inviting terraces, and a comfortable, air-conditioned interior dining room await the visitor. The dining room and other areas boast some lovely antiques and many details which are replicas of the haciendas of the region.

The ample menu includes all of the classics of Yucatecan cuisine. The chef has kept the traditional ingredients but in some cases has created a unique variation which respects the classic recipe while adding a personal touch. Every ingredient is fresh; tortillas are handemade; and every plate which comes out of the kitchen is lovingly assembled. No mass production at Frailes! The afternoon “comida” is popular with local Yucatecan families who are looking for a relaxed, informal family ambience serving excellent Yucatecan food in the north part of the city.

The beverage menu includes refreshing fruit juices by the glass or pitcher, based on what is in season (be sure to ask!). There is also a variety of beers and other alcoholic beverages to accompany your meal.

You can begin your meal with codzitos, enchiladas Yucatecas, chayitas, papadzules, panuchos, salbutes, or empanadas, all delicious. Or consider the cream of roasted Chile X’catic soup, with a delicate but not overpowering spicy flavor, or sopa de lima, joroches, or chaya. And the Sikilpac is a must, a dip made from cooked tomatoes, ground pumpkin seed, and cilantro, served with thin, crunchy tortilla chips.

If you are a fan of poc chuc, this version will please you immensely…the meat is flavorful and tender. The other classics are also delicious, including queso relleno, cochinita pibil, and many more. The restaurant also boasts various other main course temptatios, including Pecado de Fraile (Sin of the Friar), Murmullo de Mestiza (Mestiza’s Murmur), and Caricias de X’Catic (Caresses of X’Catic). And no Yucatecan menu would be complete without seafood; there are four to choose from.

In addition to various ice creams made from local fruits, you can choose from the three classic sweets: Flan, Caballeros Pobres, and Dulce de Papaya (with a twist). There is also a supremely decadent cheese cake made from Edam cheese.

Calle 21 x 28 y 30, Conkal

Tel. 999 912 4092

Tuesday to Sunday 12 pm – 7 pm


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